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Anyone Want Old Testosterone Print Magazines?


I've got a box full. Gotta make room for more current stuff in my life, but rather than just toss them in the recycling bin, I could ship 'em Media Mail to some enthusiast of the Testosterone days of yore.


Wow, I never even knew it existed.

Was there a message board carried out through snail mail?


I’ll take em. Email me: Lonnieducote (@) gmail




Man, I’ve got mine all set up in one of those organizers they have in libraries to collect journals and whatnot. I still like to take 'em out and reread em from time to time. I can still remember where I was in life when I got each one, and how I could only find it at certain resellers. Actually, I left all my old notes and post-its in them because I like to see what I thought was so important that I needed to point it out to myself :slight_smile:

Good stuff.



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