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Anyone W/O Near Lansing Michigan

I’ve been lurking here a while and was just wondering if anyone else here worked out near Lansing Michigan? Presently I’m at “Go Workout” but often frequent the MAC too…let me know if you’re in the area…

I believe TopSirloin is in your area, actually. I was asking a similar question since I have to go to Lansing for work in a month or so and wanted to know what gyms to check out.


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I live just a few minutes from Lansing. Are you talking about the Go Workout on West Saginaw?

I’m curious where anyone works out near Detroit, particularly near Downriver?

Yes, the one on Saginaw…

Kuz, feel free to ask any questions on the area…

I was just at the MAC today :slight_smile:

[quote]MSU Nate wrote:
Yes, the one on Saginaw…

Kuz, feel free to ask any questions on the area…[/quote]

Thanks, Nate. I will probably just be in town for a few days, but was hoping to find out what is considered the “best” gym in the area. Curious to hear some thoughts.


Yea I got to MSU, I lift at powerhouse on grand river. I would say powerhouse is the best gym for the price. MAC is good but its expensive as hell and kind of an upscale club setting which I couldnt really get into the one time I lifted there. Golds in the plaza is ghetto, but probably the cheapest to lift at. The only thing about powerhouse is frats get a discount so you have to dodge the crowds of frat kids doing curls, and for some reason they bring a DJ in on mondays to play shitty dance music. Overall though I would lift at powerhouse over any other gyms in the area.