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Anyone Vegan?

Sounds like a great idea to me.

What harm can possibly come from willfully opposing thousands of years of human evolution!

I was a vegetarian for a while, ate dairy and eggs, and it was hard as hell for me to keep any weight on. And that was at home, when I had total control over my diet and could get in my 5 meals a day.

If I had to work late, travel, try to get a meal outside of the house, eating right went to hell fast because without meat you just don’t have any options.

Anyone who says I didn’t try hard enough, didn’t have the discipline to be a vegetarian and stay healthy is full of shit. Eating was my hobby. I got sick a lot and at 6’2" I could barely maintain 180. Vegan would be a lot worse. Mind you, I wasn’t even trying to put on much muscle, I was just trying to stay lean and average, and couldn’t even keep that up.

I have since determined that I don’t handle grains or milk well, and since those were most of my diet, that could obviously be a problem. Maybe vegetarianism works for some people, and if so they can have it. But I haven’t seen a healthy looking vegetarian yet.

You know what Homo Sapiens is a highly adaptative species who can thrive on almost any diet. Diet is an adaptative response or a personal choice…

Anyway, that Avi R. Lehyani dude is amazing!





[quote]rainjack wrote:
PHGN wrote:
Jason Ferruggia is now one and says he never felt that good and didn’t lost anything he gained through the years.

i like how they say that AFTER they made their gains.

Let’s see a fucking bark chomper get huge while still being a vegan.

Not going to happen. [/quote]

Not arguing, but are you saying that animal protein is necessary for being big and strong? Just curious. Even if someone adopted the diet after they were big, wouldn’t they lose their gains without the superior source of animal protein?

Vegetarianism was terrible for me. I’d tried picking up weightlifting a few times as a vegetarian, but I never had enough energy to keep it up.

Once I started eating meat I started lifting, and energy hasn’t been a problem since.

oh yeah, vegans are fucking gay…
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