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Anyone Using Ribose?


Anyone using it?

When's the best time to take it: pre or post workout?






I use it mid-workout. It's in a product by EAS called Endurathon along with dextrose and medium amounts of protein. I've read a lot that says it's nothing more than expensive sugar but I never lose momentum during a workout since taking it. As far as post-workout I use a completely different mixture but as a mid-workout energizer Endurathon is pretty good and therefore I'd suggest Ribose.


Biotest used to have a ribose creatine product. ribose itself is not cheap. you can buy it in bulk form. you need to test it out for yourself. laters pk


Ribose C, in the house!


Cool, thanks guys.

I understand that they stoped making the Ribose-C product due to cost-to-benifit issues. But I gotta think that if it really worked well they'd find a way, like they always do.

I'm losing fat right now and I hate the accompanying strength losses. Just looking for ways to get around that.


I used Ribose C when it came out. Can't say I was overwhelmed by it. However if you can get it in bulk, maybe it would be worth a try. Keep us posted if anything interesting happens.


Ribose-C was actually a staff favorite and had a very loyal, but small, customer base. Unfortunately, we never had enough people catch on to the benefits of D-ribose to try the product. The cost wasn't a factor in why we stopped producing it.