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Anyone using HMB?


With the recent drop in price on HMB products, it has now become cost efficient for many of us. Question is, does the stuff work or what?
Way back when, HMB was reported to have some strength/muscle building properties. The only way you could acheive measurable progress was through a higher dosage (costly). Being less expensive now, is there anyone out there that has given HMB the real test?

Does HMB have a future in the supplement world or has it gone to the perverbial supplement "graveyard" where so many overhyped supps. end up?


Is this a joke it has to be! Yes HMB works it makes me feel like I'm on Decca!


lol...are you serious???


BodyIQ, you aren't Bill Phillips are you?


Just trying to start a serious conversation here fellas. Hopefully there are some people out there that can give me some good feedback.


John Berardi reported on HMB from an abstract presented at a recent ACSM annual conference. Berardi reports to T-Nation that "while everyone here hates HMB, I've reported before that it still does offer some benefit in terms of reducing soreness and muscle damage. Here I am to say the same thing..."

You can find this report, "The Real World (of Physique Research), Part III" in the T-Nation archives.


I have some feedback: I wouldn't take HMB if it was free...I've never known it to do jackshit for anyone...it's utterly useless, although I'm sure over the years it's made EAS a truckload of money (and yes, a little of that money is mine...)


I got suckered in when it first hit the market and I bought a case (12 bottles) I used it and I didn't notice a damn thing...I wasn't less sore, no better recovery...nothing!



Its Crap, always has been always will be. The only benefit of HMB is that it made Bill Phillips a butt load of money.

Your money is better spent elsewhere.

Best of luck to you



Berardi is the man when it comes to nutrition. This we know.
Why is it that people won't listen to him when he talks about HMB? The guy wouldn't say something like this if he didn't know what he was talking about.

So some of you got burned on HMB in the past (EAS). This discussion isn't about how much you hate Bill Phillips. It's about HMB and its effectiveness in the world today. You can get HMB from other sources at a MUCH cheaper price today allowing one to use a higher dosage. I'm not closing the book on this one quite yet.


HMB is useless.


Dude, if you want to fucking get HMB, get HMB. Why do you ask for people's opinions and then dismiss them all when you don't like the answers? HMB is worthless but if you want to spend you're hard-earned money on it, go for it. None of us care.


If this is the same abstract that I'm thinking of, I actually asked the author at the conference about his findings. He believes that the results were due to an untrained subject population. Despite the equivocal data, I have never heard of any real world benefits of HMB use. Besides, there hasn't been a positive study on it for quite some time (in healthy individuals).


I am certainly not qualified enough to disagree with Berardi, however I think you could get a better bang for your buck with other supplements. Make sure you have all your basics covered first (surge, ZMA, Multi-vitamin, Grow, even Tribex) before you buy that stuff. (tried it way back when and didn't notice much)


While I don't pretend to speak for John, I will mention that we do use HMB combined with a couple other compounds, in select cases where excessive soft tissue damage has occured (i.e. healing of injuries).


Let me relate a personal story and then you can decide for yourself. I used HMB during my preparation for Marine Corp boot camp. Other than its ability to reduce soreness I'd read a few articles that indicated its ability to improve endurance also. At the time I wasn't doing much cardio/energy work. So, in that respect I was an "untrained" subject. I noticed significant improvements in my run times at every session with very little muscle soreness. I concluded at that time that HMB "worked"---at least to some extent. During my stint in the Corps I used HMB again (once or twice) to prepare for "big" events like annual runs and noticed no effects at all. No major improvements in my run times and no reduction in soreness. Why? Because by this time I was a highly "trained" subject. I actually do believe that HMB can help untrained subjects reach a certain baseline faster than they would without it, but after that initial "break-in" period you're now a trained subject and HMB will never work for you again. The studies I've read seem to confirm this. Just my humble opinion. If someone on this site were to ask me "does HMB work" my answer would have to be "no" since you'd be considered a trained subject.


Here's some more food for thought on the HMB "to use or not to use issue..."


This article, by Bryan Haycock, seems to support HMB use in specific circumstances, even for experienced trainers. He alludes to the idea that when an individual radically changes a routine, HMB may be beneficial to offset excessive soreness and excessive muscle cell microtrauma. Hope this helps.


It works almost as well as Smilax.


BodyIQ- If you want to take HMB then take it! You asked a question and I answered it for you. If you want to waste your money on it then by all means do so!

I have no hatred toward Bill Phillips or EAS, I buy their products once in a while, the ones I think are effective... so it has nothing to do with EAS, Bill, Muscle Media, etc...

Like I said, I bought 12 bottles when it first came out and I didn't see, feel, or notice anything from the product. No increased recovery time, and I wasn't less sore. It was a total waste to me.

Maybe it will work better for you, but I doubt it.

Save your money...


Take your HMB along with liquid creatine, myostatin inhibitors, vandyl sulphate and dessicated liver tabs and you will feel like you're on Deca and D-bol combined! You'll have a fucking fantastic empty wallet too!