Anyone Using Androderm?

I’ve cycled many times in the past 10 yrs. Typically with the DBol, Nandrolen, Sust 250 combos. 8 Weeks on, 8 weeks off. It’s done really well every time. I got lots of compliments from friends, relatives and TaeKwonDo students thru the years. I always kept it moderate so there wasn’t anything dramatic to alert people (well, except a seldom seen brother in law that immediately upon seeing me at Thanksgiving, “Holy shit! Are you on Steroids?!”. Lol…

anyway. I’ve moved from Texas up north and I don’t have my friend to gather my gear. I’ve been watching Androderm and other pharm offered items thru the past couple of years and I’ve wondered if the results are worth having. If you’ve had any experience with Androderm or Testoderm(sp?) can you reply and tell me if it’s worth pursuing?

Not worth it for cycling. You would have to roll around in the stuff to get enough coverage to dramatically increase you hormone levels to the range where substantial muscle growth can be achieved. It is great though for pct, or hrt if you can get it.