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Anyone Used Trueprotein.com?

Have any of you guys purchased supplements from trueprotein.com? I came across this yesterday just searching for the best value of supplements. They have an excellent deal, just wondering if it has been tried and tested? They seem legit.

Especially check out the deal on their fish oil - 1000 pills for $25.

They are legit.

I like Biotests stuff myself, I just can’t afford it…

TP is legit. good place for single amino acids with good flavorings since Biotest doesn’t sell those (yet?). It’s better to place a large order due to shipping costs though. down side: more money spent at one time. up side: you will have A LOT of protein that will last a long time, therefore less money spent over time.

there is of course Biotest. their stuff is great as well and is value priced, but i guess that all depends on your perspective. tp also has some interesting pre-mixed formulas, and stuff you might not find elsewhere e.g., green tea extract powder, horny goat weed powder. just my .02