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Anyone Used This Exact Stack?

I’m a 45yr. old male looking for feedback from anyone who tried this stack or a close variation of it. All feedback welcome, but hopefully from seniors like me. At the moment, I’m really not interested in “theory feedback”, just hands on I’ve taken these supplements and this is what I experienced feedback…

Here’s the list and in parenthesis why.

DIM (estrogen)
Nettle Root (SHBG)
DAA (test boost)
Mucana Pruriens (prolactin)
Formadrol (aromatase)
Betaine (methyl donor)

No, but there is a thread for this as you know. Have you had blood levels tested for any of the above? History/stats? Experience with test boosters or TRT? You understand that estrogen and aromatase are referring to essentially the same thing, right? Further nettle root also has effects on aromatase.

You can also check out pygeum africanum. A lot of good anecdotal reports exist with regards to libido, volume, and BPH, even when taken with saw palmetto which is known to decrease drive.

Read around/ask questions in the over 35s forum. Plenty of good stuff there.