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Anyone Used the Hammer Belt Squat or 'V' Squat?

Just came back from the gym and saw that since Tues. they two new machines , the Hammer Belt Squat and ‘V’ Squat. It wasn’t my leg day so only got in them to see how to adjust them , etc.

The ‘V’ Squat felt great while with only a light weight on the Belt Squat I felt a funny twinge on the inside of each knee … and this the only piece of leg equipment I ever felt anything like that.

Any of you used these two pieces for any length of time and what are your opinions on them ?

Always wanted to try belt squat so hoping what I felt on the initial try-out was something I can get by with foot placement, etc .

I love the V squat. It’s always been an effective tool for me as long as I keep it at the end of the workout and don’t let ego get in the way. So I never go crazy heavy and stick to intensifiers like 5 sec negative, pause reps, 1 1/14 reps, pulse reps (i.e. no lockout) and keep reps in the 8-30 range.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah. I’ve had one workout with it and liked it and having another today . Tried the belt squat also but the belt is uncomfortable in shorts with heavy load … this machine might better suited for winter training when covered in sweats.

The thing I didnt know about it first and LOVE is the dipping bar attachment ! I’ve been doing twenty rep dips because I’m too lazy to go to the front desk for the dip belt … but now I can start weighted dips again !

Had another workout on it today and really liked it other than you can handle quite bit of weight on it … I prefer leverage factors in machines that make less weight fell like a lot more. I use intensity enhancing methods also and this is a machine that you’ll need them.