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Anyone Used the BodyBugg


I have a friend who is a D.O. and owns a small fitness/wellness center where he has trainers and doles out test and GH to rich people. I went in to talk to him the other day and he was telling me about this new device by Apex fitness called the BodyBugg. I bought one, it is really cool. You wear it on your arm and through the sensors in the machine, it calculates your CO2 expiration and thus is able to give you an accurate caloric expenditure for the day. You have a base that you have hooked up to your machine and the device transmits your info when you are close to your computer.

Long story short, really cool device, you log all of your food intake on the program. It has pretty much any food you can think of, then you are able to see how much you burned during the day and how much you took in. I love this thing, really cool. Plus, everybody asks you what you are wearing.


sounds interesting. how long have you had it, and what's your best guess with regard to the device's accuracy?

and hows about some pics?


I'm curious as to the accuracy as well.

Hopefully it's a little more accurate than bioelectric impedance scales are for measuring body comp.


Pics? Link?


Gotta Google before I post


Supposedly it is 92% effectivness in recording the ammount of calories you are burning. I like to use this thing, really interesting to use, I eat alot more than I thought.


I recently bought a similar device in the UK from Bodymedia. Over here we don't have to pay a subscription fee for the web based software:) Basically the software comes with the device. Its called a sensewear arm band. My clients love it - I forked out ?600 for it but i've made the money back easy with the number of clients wanting to use it:)


According to the bodybugg.com site, the Bodybugg uses motion, heat dissipation, skin conductivity and skin temperature to estimate your overall energy expenditure.

Obviously I'm not en expert, but I wonder how well it measures energy expenditure from heavy lifting. Atleast the motion sensor would get conflicting results from the other three sensors. For example with a squat the motion sensor would only register a down- and upward motion and leave the weight on your back from the equation.

It would certainly be a nice gadget if it counts heavy lifting accurately as well.

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I bought one in the UK last week its great. Over here we don't have to subscribe to a web based software as the software comes with the device (Sensewear Armband). It costs about ?600 - but the interest i've had is awesome from clients. Gona charge them ?50+ for a 2 week period of using the device - then give them feedback.


I had body bugs once, but we called em scabies.... oh, whoops, I guess that's not what y'all meant. ummm, yeah...