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Anyone Used Synthetic Allantoin to Speed Healing?

I already use Comfrey which is a good source of allantoin & ive also made a Comfrey & plantain ointment at home from the dried herbs soaked in warm olive & coconut oil.

I seem to get better results however from a commercial Comfrey ointment from Nature’s Aid, Which has added allantoin, lanolin & benzoic acid.

From Wikipedia it looks like synthetic allantoin is promising in of itself + it’s very cheap!

Anyone experimented with this stuff?


@Cherrybomb Are you still around?

Started using Allantoin tonight. I figured the easiest way would be to dissolve it in a warm bath & have a 20 minutes bathe in it (rather than mess on making ointment)

Apparently it’s active as low as 0.2%. I put enough in my bath to equal a 0.25% solution