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Anyone Used Strength and Volume Template?

Has anyone used Strength and Volume from Forever ?
Any feedback appreciated.

I just started using it. So far so good. I will probably post something later once I finish the 10 week cycle.

I am doing 2 Leaders 1 Anchor.

I made damn sure to set my TM’s at 85%. Maybe even a bit lower. Working up to a TM twice a week could get iffy if its even a bit too high.

I am trying to work up slowly to a solid 5 reps at my training max. Week 1 all sets for three, week 2 all sets for 4, week 3 all sets for 5 if that makes sense.

So far I am incredibly enjoying it. I moved from a 4 day a week setup and I am really liking having an extra day out of the weight room. I feel much more fresh in general and after my workouts as you never really hammer any lift too hard in one session, as opposed to running your main work and BBS or SSL in a 4 day a week setup. That stuff can be fairly taxing.

I should also mention this is my first time running a Full Body setup as well. If the good stuff continues I will likely train like this for a while yet. Maybe run The Beach Body Challenge or something after.

If you have any other questions let me know.

Thank you.
Any further updates or observations would be appreciated as train.
I was planning 80-85%TM.

Did you run the Shoulder Press instead one of the benches day ?

What worked better for you ? BBS or SSL ?

Will it be a good idea to so CGBP for the BBS day ?

I’m a little older.
I used FSL, I’ve used BBB in the past , but it was too much volume.
CG is grea.

I benched on every day. No shoulder press.

Only difference was on Friday I would only work up to my TM for 3 reps, and I wouldn’t wear a belt, as opposed to the progression scheme I outlined above which I did for the first bench session of the week where i did wear all my equipment.

I only ever ran it using BBS for the bench press.

I have no idea. I don’t know anything about you, your programming, or you training history.