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Anyone Used Low Dosed Nandrolone/Oxymetholone

Hey guys,

Please tell me if you’ve been using low dosed nandrolone (50-150 mg/wk) along with your no-NOR19 cycles/TRT, why, and what experiences (joints, mentality, libido, skin, liver enzymes, lipids, etc.). I’m also interested in your conclusions to low dosed oxymetholone, again along with your cycles/TRT - mainly if headache, fatigue/sickness-like-symptoms have appeared and at what exactly dose.

Thank you very much.

I have used low dosed nandrolone with TRT before, lasted about 3 wks, going to be trying it again (probably)…

nothing happened, only notable side effect was anorgasmia. Oxymetholone, c17AA orals have no place in TRT. Some will use say 2-4mg stanzozolol per day in effort to lower SHBG (if VERY high and nothing else works)

Are you compiling results for a survey or to relate to a personal endeavour (etc do you run deca with TRT?)