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Anyone Used Josh Bryant's Coaching?


Has anyone here worked with Josh Bryant? Thanks to @chris_ottawa I checked out his stuff and really liked it and started incorporating some of it into my training.

I emailed him through the contact on his website and I realize he probably gets tons of emails but it’s been about three weeks and I was curious how long he takes to respond. I’d rather not be that guy who emails a bunch just because I feel entitled to a response haha

I’m not against going with a different coach with similar training philosophies if anyone has suggestions, he would just be my top pick.


I haven’t, but I’m pretty sure Greg Panora has a pretty similar system. He definitely rates Josh as a coach. Check my log if you want to see how Greg trains us.


Thanks man I’ll check out your log and Greg


Maybe try sending another e-mail, you could also try to get his attention by leaving a comment in one of his recent youtube videos. He usually responds to questions on there. It sounds like he is pretty busy but if you didn’t hear back after 3 weeks then he must have missed your e-mail.


I believe he only answers to clients/prospects in email.

Use social media for general questions.


But the general question was Josh, will you coach me? haha

Maybe I needed to provide more info in the email to be considered a prospect? I just put when the next meet is that I’d like to do and asked if he had the availability to be my coach.


He probably skipped over your e-mail or it ended up in his junk folder. I would write something in the youtube comments like “Hey Josh, I e-mailed you about coaching a few weeks ago and didn’t get a response. Is there another way to get in touch with you? Are you still accepting clients?”


I think I’ll try that. Thanks man


Paste your email here, remove any personal detail…


Hey Josh,

I’m looking for online training and looking to do a powerlifting meet in May. I just competed and am taking some time off but want to start training again end of January will you be taking new clients on then?


Also I was mistaken it was roughly two weeks ago not three that I sent the email above


Did you send a direct email or did you use the form on his website?


I used the form on his site because I assumed it went directly to his email. Should I try sending a direct email?


Update: Sent it to his direct email and got an email back a couple hours later. Can’t wait to start working with him