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Anyone Used JB's Precision Nutrition?


I'm thinking of starting John Berardi's Precision Nutrition plan. Has anyone done this (or doing this)? I'm after some feedback - good or bad.




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I have it (version 1) and it's pretty good. If you haven't ready the tailor-made series he wrote here, read that and it will give you a good indication if you'll like it/if it's a good fit for you (the articles are actually included in the PN kit).

I only followed it strickly when I was cutting weight, but it worked well for that. I'm not one to stick to a strick eating plan day-to-day, but I'll still use some recipes.

Basically it depends what you're looking to get out of it and how well you adapt to eating plans.


I have version one. It includes some great recipes some of which are part of my weekly/monthly intake. I don't regret buying it.



Cheers guys.


I have it as well. Good stuff. Berardi definitely knows his stuff and you can't go wrong by getting it.

And he just released a new version too.


Cheers. I'm definitely going to give this a go. It sounds perfect for me as my weight tends to yo-yo. I made the mistake of listening to the 'eat big to bulk' advice you see in almost every bulking post. Works for some, but not all people. I'm hoping PN (hopefully) will allow me to plan my eating long term.


I am part of the current PN Lean Eating Coaching Group. PN teaches you a way to eat that works forever in any situation, and for every goal. I love it, and since I adoped the principles I've only continued to improve my physique and body satisfaction. Enjoy!


It's the best recipe book I own. Once you realize that eating to be lean doesn't mean boring, it brings you a huge relief. Seriously, that book helped me change my physique by realizing it could be fun to eat healthy. I have a serving of Dr Johns Chili every day as my 2nd PWO meal, it's that good!