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Anyone Used Insulin?


any 1 used insulin. am thinkin ov avin a shot. wots your thoughts?


That you’re an idiot, but don’t worry inject the insulin and it’ll be over quick.


lots of ppl use it tho dont they?


Please, let this be the last post in this thread.


I am type 1 diabetic - this means I am insulin dependent and use insulin medically.

I have not seen any increases in strength size since I was diagnosed.

I am not enormously aware of any studies on this, but I can’t seem to work out why exogenously applying insulin to a healthy male will give any more gains.

I know people go on about insulin being anabolic, but your insulin output is determined by the carbohydrates you eat. Insulin simply regulates your blood sugar shuttling the sugar into the bodies muscle and fat tissue (and protein with it - which is why I understand it is said to be an anabolic hormone).

Can anyone provide any reasons as to why insulin should help with body composition in healthy males? (because it certainly hasn’t with me).


Sorry for the additional post - to wrap-up - I am aware that exogenously applying insulin would no doubt reduce your bodies own endogenous production (quite like when you inject testosterone). While your body may be able to handle this in the short term, I believe you run the risk of making yourself diabetic if a healthy male uses insulin when unnecessary and for what?

I can tell you, constantly monitoring carb intake and blood sugar levels simply so that you remain healthy is not something I’d wish on anyone.


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yh thanx for that. dont think al bother.


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[quote]25068810 wrote:
any 1 used insulin. am thinkin ov avin a shot. wots your thoughts?[/quote]

It’s one thing being an idiot it’s another opening your mouth and confirming it.


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:

Aside from the fact that the OP is obviously too uneducated to safely be given information on insulin, you have contributed to his ignorance by posting bad information.

EDIT: Since the OP has wisely decided againt insulin, I feel safe to tell you that no, exogenous insulin does not cause your natural insulin levels to decline. Using insulin is not likely to turn you into a diabetic either. However, note that I said ‘use’ not ‘abuse’. There is a big difference.[/quote]

Please would you highlight in any other way I have misunderstood the physiology of insulin. It stands to reason that injecting insulin will mean that you will need to produce less.

If I am wrong, please explain why.

I agree, there is a difference between use and abuse, but please explain why insulin injected is superior to endogenously produced. If you think it will unnecessarily encourage others to use, please PM me. I would genuinely like to know and it sounds as though you have some knowledge on the subject.


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Am i glad you posted here BBB - i saw the first few posts and i felt a cold chill…

I wrote out a long reply detailing the same things i am sure you were tempted to - but decided to not ‘fight insulins corner’ here - for the very reasons you gave.



Oy… didn’t see this before I responded to other post…

I agree with Gluteus: self-correcting problem


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This is something you wrote in another post way back:

“The times when it would seem to make more sense for us lesser mortals to supplement with insulin are during low GI ‘re-feed’ sessions, when you can force glycogen into depleted muscles without risk of any storage of excess carbs as fat.”

Please would you explain your reasoning behind this statement? If anyone else has any thoughts please also let me know. Why would injected insulin mean the hormone would not act on fat cells?

I appreciate people should do their own research on this subject but I simply can’t find any posts that have any scientific reasoning behind them.

For the record, before any talk of propellar hats, I am a type 1 diabetic and inject insulin every day. I am well practiced in the ways of managing blood sugar levels and am simply looking for sound reasoning why non-diabetics supplement with insulin and why this is any different to the endogenous production of insulin in healthy males.


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^ what he said,
and if you are interested this subject has been covered before so please do a search and you will find your answers given you have half a brain
propeller hat not needed for this exercise.