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Anyone Used Force USA Compact Standing Leg Press/Calf Raise Combo Machine?

Has any one used one of these before, and are there any pros or cons on getting this or a traditional leg press for my home gym?

gymandfitness .com.au/products/force-usa-compact-standing-leg-press-calf-raise-combination

I can think of so many better ways to spend $900 in a home gym unless you’re already very well-outfitted - rack, bench(es), bar(s), plates, dumbbells, cable pulley system, preferred cardio device, etc.

I’d really want to test one out before buying it to make sure it feels smooth during reps though. Looking at the video, actually, the ROM looks relatively short and it seems like it’d be pretty gnarly on the knees in the bottom position. Doesn’t look comfortable. If you can find one in a store, give it a try. Otherwise, I’d personally skip it.

I will have everything that you have mentioned but dumbells, would you suggest buying those over a leg press?
I don’t use dumbells at the gym now I only use barbells which was why I moved more towards a leg press.
I’m in the process of getting everything, I’m just waiting for my house to be built so I don’t have to transport everything twice.

Yep, I rank a basic set of dumbbells or adjustable handles, or at least a couple pairs of fixed weights, as higher home gym priority than a leg press. They’re just more versatile and more useful overall.

Like, not at all, ever? Why not? Having them at home opens up more options for quick mini-sessions, a ton more exercise alternatives, supersets with barbell stuff during your workout, etc.

But again, it’s your money and your priorities. If it’s something you’re going to use regularly, like the feel of it, it’s in the budget, and you feel the basics are covered, consider it. It’s your gym. If I have the space in our next house, I’d seriously consider a Hammer Strength DY row because I love the feel of that machine and I’d use it a bunch.

If I was building a home gym, I think I’d also prioritize at least a few dumbbells, but if I had a really good cable setup, I might not. There’s not really much I can do with dumbbells that I can’t with cables. So, I get it.

A reverse hyper machine for me. That’s like the 1 machine that I think is truly special in a gym, that doesn’t have a comparable movement with barbells/dumbells/anything else. I’ve also really liked using a belt squat machine recently. So much better on my knees and no loading on my back. It’s pretty slick.

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Yup, my gym just got a hip belt squat machine too, and not only is it super back friendly, but as you near failure you can use a tiny bit more arms bit by bit. Brutal machine.

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Thanks guys I got the leg press, I don’t really use dumbbells and they are pricey brand new, I’m trying to find some second hand.