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Anyone Used Finasteride?

So I found finasteride at some peptide places online. The research chemical. Has anyone used this with success? Thanks

If you’re going to give yourself a floppy dick you might as well get it at a discount.

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Never used but after reading on here about guys dealing with PFS (Post-Finasteride Syndrome), I’ll accept my thinning hair

Dont do it. Too many horror stories here.

I have PFS. It’s been a year now.

I used to be a 200lb Thai boxer and hardly Schwarzenegger but I was a built enough guy. INSANE sex drive, just met the woman of my dreams. We were so mad for each other. Job and career were great, I was winning all the battles and life was perfect.

God looking back on that life it’s like an autobiography of someone else. I visit the same places and walk on the same streets etc but I’m just not that human anymore…

I took 8 pills of (1mg) fin over about a month/6 weeks just to try it out. 1mg/day for four days then 0.5mg day Mon/Wed/Fri for a couple weeks. If the horror stories about side effects were true I wasn’t going to be one of those sad-sack losers who got them and stayed on, I’d just get off and get better, like the label says.

One night my dick just died mid-sexting. Enough of that I thought, I’ll stop. And I was completely fine again.

For two weeks.

Then dick died again. No morning wood and no boners. I started to get VERY worried. The worry from daily life accumulated and peaked when I told my girl on the phone what I’d taken, and that night I crashed HARD. Nightmares, shaking, pale, no idea how I got into work. The world became grey and blinkered, I had a SEARING GRINDING HEADACHE and I couldn’t sleep at all. I could NOT focus on ANYTHING, just the grinding “RUINRUINRUINRUINRUINRUIN” that replaced ALL thoughts and ALL abilities to cope. Every emotion I had left, there’s SO SO much I remember from those early horrible months. It’s hard to cram it all into a horror story brief enough to read but I would not be lying to you if I said someone had crafted literally THE perfect torture for a human and it’s this.

I’ll tell you what, I’ve lost 10-15lbs mass now and I look like shit. And I’m continuing to lose that. I lost my girl, career is impossible and my dick does not work. Balls are shrunken and horrible and I’m an embarrassment to my former self. I have cut off almost ALL my friends, deleted my Facebook, my family never see me. The shame and the horror of it all keep me away. But I am SO SO SO grateful, and I’ll tell you why - some of my mental sides are shifting and I can finally focus through the SCREAMING headache now, I can enjoy a movie now, and if I follow a REALLY strict diet the chronic diarrhea usually lets up and I get through the day.

Read EVERY horror story you can. I can’t promise they’re all true but I can promise mine is. So many amazing young men kill themselves, I understand TOTALLY why they do it. 8 pills and it undid my whole life and took away any mechanism I had to move on and get well again.


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I used finasteride for about 1 year it really worked, my hair stoped to fall out but I also immediately noticed that it affects my libido, then I started feeling that my dick is cold and I can’t get a full erection. After 2 years I quit I still don’t feel 100% cured. it’s shit, just don’t touch it not worth it

How are you guys doing

I made a pretty good recovery for a number of years but now having some issues

And it’d psychological also