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Anyone Used Finaflex?

Wondering if anyone has used finaflex? Just started reading about prohormones from Marc Bartley off of EFS, but they sound like they have steroids in them? If so are you supposed to stack finaflex with anything?

Prohormones are steroids. Or at least they will be once you eat them.

Looks like a mix of a couple different prohormone/designer steroids. I would recommend you stay away because taking multiple compounds like that isn’t a good idea, especially when we’re talking about legal anabolics which can have some pretty nasty sides. I’m not totally anti-prohomones/designer steroids, but many of them are crap. There are only 2-3 that I would say might have results that are worth the sides compared to the illegal stuff.

Regardless, don’t touch any of it until you’re ready. By “ready”, I mean you need to do a ton of research, have your entire cycle/PCT mapped out, everything on hand including cycle support supps and ancillaries, etc. A good rule of thumb, I think, is that if you’re not ready to dive into illegal AAS then there is no reason to think you’re ready for the legal stuff as it is at least just as dangerous and in some cases more so.