Anyone Used Enclomiphene?

If you’ve used ENclomiphene before (not clomid) post your usage and how you felt on it. I’d like to see if anyone else had the same effects I did. I used 12.5mg ED for 8 weeks and it was great but certain things I noticed I couldn’t quite understand.

Aside from a nice boost in endogenous test the usual morning wood, strength gains etc. But something else I noticed that no amount of exogenous T did. Enclomiphene not just reduced anxiety but it totally went into negative anxiety - in that my basic fear response was nonexistent.

Ie. a friend snuck up on me to spook me, not only did I not spook but I had zero response I did not flinch one bit. Public speaking used to make me super nervous but on enclo I had zero fear giving presentation to 300 ppl. I feel calm in my bones no fear no nerves. I’ve used it twice and same effect and gave some to a friend had the same effect…

Not sure how to explain the mechanism other than it’s blocking some receptor in the brain maybe in the amygdala (the brains emotion and fear response center)

Super strange… anyone else have an experience with?

Where could one find a reputable Enclomophine and be sure that it s not the same clomid ? Is there anyway to have it prescribed in the US ?

I’ve been taking clomid for about 6 weeks, 25mg EOD, and am switching to enclomiphene citrate purchased from one of the research chemical websites.

On clomid I`ve noticed an increase in morning wood plus starting to see some nice gains in the gym. Not too much change in libido. Labs will be done again at end of month three.

I’ll be on the lookout for any changes going from clomid to enclomiphene.

Enclomiphene is not available on the market yet… it’s still pending FDA approval and doesn’t look likely to be approved anytime soon. You can find it on research chemical sites.

Bought some enclomiphene off nootropics source website.
Hoping i get a genuine product, but its a obviously a gamble.
I’ll post here when it arrives

I used theirs last year noticed nothing.

Mike12, I know this is an old post, but I noticed the anxiety reducing effect with clomiphene (haven’t tried enclomiphene) almost exactly as you’re describing it. My doc had me on 100 mg of clomiphene per day (very high dose) to try to restart my HPTA after 6 years of TRT. It killed my anxiety over public speaking completely. In hindsight it was kind of detrimental to my performance, because I lacked my normal anxiety-driven motivation to meticulously prepare and practice my presentation. I wonder if, at a lower dose, I would’ve struck a nice balance of reduced anxiety while maintaining a healthy amount of motivation to prepare properly.

Dose at 12.5 EOD allowing your body to self regulate, due to the 10 hour half life if legit Enclomiphene. Every day seems to cause more side effect and aromitization.