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Anyone Used Dymatize?

Has anyone used any Dymatize products yet? Im interested in their Elite 12 Hour Protein and just wanted to know if anyone has used it or heard if its any good?

I use their whey powder…it’s the same as any other really. The product you are talking about has Soy Isolate Protein as one of the ingredients so bare that in mind if you have a soy-phobia.

Has anyone here heard of eating food?

protein powder is food…

I’ve used both the Whey Isolate and the 12 Hour. Both are pretty good, I didn’t like the brownie fudge flavor thought. It has these crunchy fake soy brownie chunks that stay hard when mixed with water or milk, so you kinda choke on them when drinking the shakes.

lol il stick to another flavour then, thanks for the replies hey, il keep researching and what not

lol, thanks for the replies, il keep looking at it and so on, do some more research and so on :slight_smile:

ive used dymatized 12 hour and gourmet alot my and in terms of taste and price theres nothing better. im pretty sure ON powders are better quality protein but dymatize is a solid company.

also some people like fudge brownie the best, it tastes like cake/brownie mix. but seriously they are all good, banana nut, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry. all of them are great flavors. these powders are extremely easy to mix too, i always use a cup and fork to mix it and no problems.

fudge brownie and banana nut are my favorites

It looks like a good product. I don’t know about the taste. It was 45$ for a 5lb tub at my local store, only shit flavors in stock though. I went with ON instead.

I have used their Gourmet Chocolate Whey. It is the best mixing protein I have ever used, even in whole milk. I also like the taste.

I have their natural gourmet vanilla, sweeten with stevia, soooo good and really affordable. I recommend it

[quote]entheogens wrote:
Has anyone here heard of eating food?[/quote]

Where is OP implying he’s not eating food?

I just found 5lbs for 31$. That’s unbelievable, 73 servings, and much higher quality than the 30$ Costco shit.

[quote]yusef wrote:
Their pina colada whey is beautiful. Its also the gheyest flavour[/quote]

Thanks for the tip, will have to try that flavour.