Anyone Used Battling Ropes Before?

Good? Bad? Gimmick? Can they be used for solo training?

Good- Yes, excellent for metcon stuff, not as much wear and tear as kbells.

Bad- kinda weird to set up and you need a shitload of space. That’s why if you youtube them it’s usually on a football field or in some private warehouse training facility. It’s not exactly something you can set up in LA fitness. If you train at home though or at a park it’s not bad at all. Though you will get some REALLY strange looks.

solo training- sure no reason not to other than set up.

thanks - ill have to youtube it then - plenty of parks near me… :slight_smile:

Diesel Crew does a bunch of stuff with battling ropes. Just check out Jimmy’s youtube channel for vids.

I’m waiting for the battling ropes certification.