Anyone Used At Home Test Level Kit?

Walmart sells an at home testosterone levels kit made by progene. Spit in the tube, mail it in and they tell you your levels. $35.

Personally I use a doctor for trt and live in a state that you can not order bloods online … this may come in handy for me just to check levels on a blast… anyone have any experience with this product? I suspect it to be scammish…

I lived in NYC until a couple months ago and was told I couldn’t order bloods online. On discountedlabs website they specifically state they aren’t able to do bloods in NY. I bought it anyway and they sent a requisition order to the Labcorp of my choice a few streets away from where I lived in the UES. No issues. I can’t imagine spitting in a cup is super accurate. Go to discountlabs and use them. Worse case scenario they instantly refund you.

They have a more involved test that you send in blood for. Kit comes with a thing to pick your finger. You can get TT, FT, E2, SHBG and one or two other things measured.

I saw this on Brandon Campbell"s YouTube channel.

Cost is around 100-150 USD.

I will look into it thank you…

Awesome info… I will give it a shot…

Do you think a finger prick would be as good as testing several ML of blood? If all it took was a finger prick I couldn’t imagine Labcorp would have 50 people waiting in there lobby while their 2 employees look for veins if a finger prick was just as good.

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I’m not sure to be honest. Could be new technology? It also could be that vacuum vials are only a couple sizes?

I’m not sure how much blood plasma hormone concentrations vary within the body?

Really, I just saw it on YouTube and thought it was neat. I would bet it is better than the spit test.

It worked… Thank you so much for chiming in… fantastic!

What test did you order? I see several Testosterone tests on there?


LC/MS Total & Free T (it’s the one that also shows specific levels above 1500, the other one only goes up to 1500)

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I got this one… I am assuming uncapped means no upper limit…it was about $200… I didnt see the exact one you were referring to

This panel is popular among men who are on testosterone therapy since it offers substantial savings over ordering each of these tests separately : Complete Blood Count (CBC) ,Comprehensive Metabolic Profile ( includes eGFR ), Estradiol Sensitive, Testosterone, Total and Free, LC/MS-MS ( Accurate for all testosterone levels, uncapped), Prolactin, Lipids, and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

Thanks @dextermorgan and @disco78!