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Anyone Used Androdrol, Halotren, or Methyl-V?


Has anyone tried this oral anabolic precursors? Do orals work as good an injectables? Im looking for something to get me to the weight im looking for. Ive been working out for more than a year now, 6 days a weeks, I eat around 4000-5000 calories a day, which I hope is enough, im up to 180 lbs, 6 ft tall. But has anyone tried these products, or recommend any oral anabolic precursors? Thanks guys!


Just eat and keep training and think about steroids again after few years of hard training..


How about Dianadrol or maybe Halobolan... man those ought to be awesome.

On the products you named, they are not precursors, and there is a reason that the pharmaceutical companies did not use these compounds.


What do u mean they are not precursors? Are the compounds in those not work?


A precursor is a compound which the body metabolizes to an active compound. For example, DHEA, 4-AD (the original 4-androstenediol, not a recent compound given the same abbreviation) and androstenedione were precursors to testosterone.

The precursors, except for DHEA, have been banned by the government, as well as nearly all the various other active compounds -- not precursors -- that were the best choices among the non-pharmaceutical anabolic steroids.

The stuff sold today is the leftovers that weren't worth being pharmaceuticals and weren't worth being sold as "supplements" prior to the ban, and therefore didn't get named in the ban.

For good anabolic steroid type results, pharmaceutical anabolic steroids are the way to go, not the OTC junk. In many cases the side effects of the OTC products are worse, and almost invariably the balance of gains to adverse side effects is worse.


Hmm interesting. Thanks for the input.