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Anyone Use Wave Sets?

I’ve been out of the gym for about a year. 22 years old. Been working out on and off since 17. Just started weight-training again three weeks ago and feel great. It is very challenging/ daunting to go back into the gym when you lose a lot of muscle, your bf% increases significantly( use to be 10-12%bf and now i am 17%), and you’re as weak as a kitten.

So strength-wise i am not where i use to be, not yet, but I’m gaining strength fast (muscle memory) and am feeling great and eating great. Anyways, i have stayed clear of this site during my extended vacation from the weight room so i’ve missed out on some things ( out of guilt, shame).

I have come across new terms such as cluster sets and wave sets. Read the article by Ian King called The Wave Loading Manifesto and was intrigued by claims of improved strength and muscle size rather then the traditional rep/sets scheme.

Has anyone fully incorporated wave sets into their work-out regime? If so, how? Anyone getting great results? and how often should one use wave sets?

Stats three weeks ago ( before weight-training/ healthy diet):
170 lbs
18% bf

174 lbs
(yet to measure bf % but i am visibly losing fat around waist etc and my arms, legs,chest, back etc getting harder/ bigger)

Short-term goal (A) (2-3 months): gain muscle mass
Short-term goal (b) (3-6 months): Cutting/toning phase ( get down to 10-12 % bf)- will incorporate more cardio, HIIT, strength-training

Overall goal: 180 lbs 10-12% bf