Anyone Use The Ultimate Sandbag?

Hey all:

I was thinking of making the leap to buying one of Josh Henkin’s bags (most likely the small & medium pkg) & was wondering how many posters on this forum have or still do sand bag training as part of their workouts.

I live in an urban area & basically want an option other than the commercial gym (trying to make a go of the garage gym setup but space is limited)


  1. Do you do sand bag training?
  2. Did you make your own, how is it holding up, o did you BUY one?
  3. How has the carry over in terms of strength & co-ordination been?

Thanks all… just need to find the money to get this - might ask the wife for an early Christmas gift lol

I have the small and medium sandbags from Josh Henkin. I made my own filler bags using Duct tape, contractor’s bags and play sand.

They work great. I’ve had them for years and use them in and out of my training throughout the year for various purposes. They are high quality and hold up well.

I’ve also purchased and used Ironmind’s sandbag kit and Iron Woody sandbags, and they are not nearly as good as Josh Henkin’s sandbags.