Anyone Use the Econo Prowler?

I’ve been seriously considering throwing down the 270 dollars for an Econo Prowler, but before I did, I wanted to see if anyone has any experience using one, especially on grass, since that’s where I plan on using it.

For anyone who has used the Econo Prowler: was it exactly what you expected it to be, or did you have any unforseen issues? I have a few concerns about it being wide enough to fit two stacks of 45 pound plates, narrow enough to fit in the trunk of a car, etc…

I just finished building my own last night :slight_smile: The first coat of primer is drying as we speak.

Made it out of scrap steel lying around at work. I would have loved to buy one from FTS and support them but I just don’t have the quid. I did by 5/3/1 e-book though.

I haven’t even had a chance to use it cause it was too late last night when I finished it. Can’t wait to cough up a lung tonight lol. It just fit into my wife’s Hyundi Sata Fe. It’s a bit awkward to load but ok. Regarding the plates getting in the way. From footage on youtube and the FTS website it’s not a problem at all. I ended up welding a pin in the middle because I don’t have olympic weights. The plates I own have a smaller diameter hole. I’m not cheap, just broke :frowning: It was fun to build actally. Took About eight hours including painting I’m guessing.

I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks and used it twice. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It looked a bit hokey online but it is not. The skids are wide and the tubing solid, the poles will take 2 45’s pretty easy. I haven’t pushed it on decent grass yet but when I pushed it in a patchy part of my yard it would get hung up, I’d imagine once my yard grows in a bit more it will push just fine.

As far as putting it in your trunk, if you’ve got a big enough trunk it’ll fit otherwise it will break down into 2 sections rather easily and fit no problem. SOB’s heavy though 75lbs seems lighter as a bar or DB weight.

I’m thinking of getting one real soon.
This along with sledge-hammer/tire work will be outstanding for ones conditioning.

I used my homemade prowler for the first time last night. HOLY FUCK!

The only time i’ve ever been that gassed is sprints, playing hockey and high rep squats. Loved it.

So simple and so effective. The lower bar is a bitch. Should’ve made one alooooong time ago.

I’m thinking of getting one real soon.
This along with sledge-hammer/tire work will be outstanding for ones conditioning.[/quote]

The sledge-hammer/tire is next on my list. A friend of mine can get me any size tire I want for free. I might have to drill some drainage holes in it so the water won’t collect in it while it sits outside when not in use, or just get a tarp to cover it up. I’d much rather hit something than get on a treadmill.

hitting stuff is the best way to workout for us high strung types with a lot of pent up anger.

I’ve had my econo prowler since Christmas 08. It’s holding up well with no structural issues at all and shows no signs of stopping the ass beating it gives a few times a week. I was worried about running through the skids so I had a welder friend make up a new set of thicker steel. I haven’t had to put them on yet. I push mine on asphalt in my neighborhood.

It will hold 45s no problem. It might be too wide to fit in the trunk of a car unless you have an old school caddy or something with a hatchback. Pickups have no issue with it.

Pushing it on grass sucks. Pushing it on textured concrete sucks a little less. Asphalt sucks less than that and I imagine smooth concrete would be the easiest. Grass sucks the most because the front skid might catch in the dirt if you hit a low spot in the yard and buck up on you not to mention the static friction provided by the grass. It will tear up grass too.

My GF came home today from pushing the prowler, said she wanted to just lay on the turf in the gym and pass out but there were to many ppl in the gym.

Man i really wish i had access to a sled! I would love to give it a go…

I have the econo prowler and I have used the prowler2. Honestly, if there is any difference, you’ll forget about it in between puking up your lungs and spewing expletives.

What kind of schedule are you guys using on this? I’d like to start pushing/pulling twice a week, but not sure on distance/load/etc.

I prowl at the end of my lifting sessions (I use 5/3/1). I live on a hill so I push it up the hill almost to the corner. I rest a bit and push it back. That counts as 2 pushes. Obviously, it is a little easier downhill but I try to run faster on the downhill part. I would guess it is 35-40 yards one way.

I prowl 3 days a week and I started with X weight (I don’t count the weight of the prowler) and 4 trips (2 up, 2 down). Every week I add a set of 2 trips. E.g. on week 2, it is 6 trips, week 3 is 8 trips, etc. When I get to 10 trips with X weight. I add 10# and drop back down to 4 trips and progress as mentioned.

Tomorrow, I bump it up to 90# (not including the prowler itself). That may not sound like much but remember, I’m pushing it up a hill and the static friction is incredible. I started many months ago with an empty prowler. My pace is usually that of a jog. If I sprint, I only get 1-3 sprints in and I’m done. I’d rather drag it out I guess. I do the same workout regardless if it is following an upper body day or lower body day.

Every so often, I’ll push it unweighted around the block (slightly more than 1/4 mile) for time. It’s more fun to load it up and do trips though.

Your schedule and workout are only limited by your imagination.

My advice if you haven’t used one is to start with it empty and slowly progress.

I’ve used mine for six or seven sessions and I noticed that my calf strength is really improving. Used the standing calf machine raise on teusday and I pushed the whole stack for ten reps. Might not be much for some but no way I could do that before I got this.

Three times a week is about right for me. Twenty-five yards approx one way using the up-rights then push it right back using the low bar. Eight times and I’m cooked. I love this thing.

I don’t have an Elite Prowler but I modeled mine after one…Check it out.

You go with any set parameters or just distance for reps?

This just in…

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This just in…[/quote]

whered u get that one

Excellent piece of equipment and worth the purchase price. There is not much to it; push it or pull it. Use it light, or heavy, it doesn’t matter. If you feel froggy, mix in other drills with it; ten burpees then a prowler lap, etc. Be as simple or as creative as you want, it will kick your ass. Assembled, you will have a hard time fitting it into a car without scratching the hell out of the interior but it can be done.

As mentioned above, grass is tough, both due to friction and from the ski catching. Look for short level grass, and if it catches, push it high on the horns.
Worth the money spent in my opinion. I have been doing PT with soldiers for years, and nothing brings dread to their faces more than when I take the prowler to work. In about a half hour, I’ll be going to high school football practice, and having my guys play with it there, they’d rather run laps. I think it has made a difference with helping our linemen stay low and drive, not to mention the conditioning factor.

I am a big fan of elitefts, I think they push out great products, have excellent customer service, and product support (how to use it Q&A) is at your fingertips.
It is great for conditioning and GPP, and although it is an ass kicker, low impact on the joints and overall recovery ability. Sure, injuries happen any time, but it I think it is more likely an athlete get hurt running than using this.
Treat yourself, get one.

What do you guys think of this sort of sled? Its not nearly as versatile as the prowler, but for me its much more economical and looks to provide similar movements only with a lower handle.

cally, you would probably get the same effect pushing that as a prowler.