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Anyone Use Supps During Workouts?


i read up on people sipping bcaa's during workouts, right i'm saving up my money to order some bulk supps and was considering bcaas for during my workouts.

have any of you used this and found it helped? also how much should i take?

thanks! sorry for making so many threads you guys are just so fucking helpful!


absolutely speechless.....


yes they work take about a fifth of ur bodyweight in grams. so a 200 pound guy would take 40 grams a workout, spread thru out the workout. take 5 capsules after every set for example. doing this i put on 8 pounds in less than 3 weeks


I can't imagine how expensive that would be.

Poliquin isn't the end-all-be-all of advice, masterofrhytym.

Not to say it might not help, it probably would but not by a great deal.

Make sure you have some food before you hit the gym and make sure you have some after.

This isn't rocket surgery, folks.


True. Consistency is by far the most important thing. If you've missed less than X workouts in XX weeks, then it will produce a noticeable effect.


Before I started relying on the Anaconda/MAG-10 combo during my workouts, I would mix 15g BCAA powder with 5g of Leucine powder and some Crystal Light, and just sip that throughout my training sessions. Then immediately Post, I'd go for with a Pop-Tart and a couple of scoops of Whey with 5g Leucine Powder thrown in. Worked pretty well in my book, and fairly inexpensive.



why the poptart? just wondering


He likes pop-tarts?


I think Dave Barr must have given him that advice.


Back when I was in college (early 1990's), I read somewhere that Tom Platz enjoyed eating Poptarts rationalizing that have very little fat (everyone followed low fat diets back then) Years later when I was really into my training, I figured such foods were nothing more than carbs, which at the time the media was constantly saying would make me fat.

After graduate school, when I actually started putting pieces of the Post workout nutrition puzzle together, I began using frosted flakes, and eventually Poptarts as my PWO carb source figuring that the low fat content (so as not to impede digestion speed) combined with the high ration of simple sugars would create the ideal insulin spike to accompany the fast digesting Whey. I know Barr advises this as well, but I was doing this long before people were quoting Dave :slight_smile:



haha awesome
i know have an excuse for buying some smores flavored poptarts, omfg i can't wait