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Anyone Use StumbleUpon?


Like there aren't enough time killers on the www, does anyone use Stumbleupon.com? I just installed it on my Firefox and it's crazy. Really interesting stuff comes up, but its like cyber-crack. Addicting as all hell.

Also, has anyone heard of people getting viruses from it? Just wanted to check.


Perfect thing to appease my A.D.D.


i love stumbleupon it makes my insomnia sorta worth while


Never had problems with it, occasionally it'll load a T-Nation article too. Always surprises me when it links to something other than a 6 pack in 10 days article.

I use it mainly to find architectural sites on the internet. Can find some really interesting things out there with it if you check any of the art categories.


stumble upon is crack, i had to uninstall it because i was wasting too much time. the only bug it has was sometimes it would make your window not form to the size of your comp screen, but i think they have fixed that in the new one.