Anyone Use Squat-Stance Deadlifts?

Has anyone tried squat stance deadlifts/Ed Coan deadlifts? I’m 6’7 with long legs and I’m having a hard time doing conventional deadlifts, so I’m doing block pulls from an 2 inch elevation.

I came across these on T-Nation and was wondering if someone has good experiences with them. I’m gonna try them my next cycle from the floor, so tips and tricks are appreciated.

If you can’t set up properly for conventional then try sumo. Whether or not it’s your squat stance is irrelevant, use whatever stance your mobility allows and in which you are strongest.


Coan is holding a seminar in the DC area on November 19th. Go ask the man directly.

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I’m living in the Netherlands so that’s not really an option, unfortunatly

Keep your eyes open he does seminars in Europe.

I do, but I also pull sumo and conventional. I think a lot of it - once you get past any mobility issues there may be and taking into account particularly disproportionate limb lengths if that’s an issue - is down to weak points and technical issues. I think generally if there is a large disparity pulling with one style compared to another that points to one or more weaknesses or technical problems.

The main barrier to sumo pulling I’ve seen is that people often don’t understand how to lever the bar off the floor with their hips in the first third of the movement, and instead just pull conventional with a really wide stance, leaving their shoulders way too far forward. Of course, that’s a horribly weak position to pull from so it ends up feeling like sumo is just a weaker stance when what’s really happening is they aren’t executing the lift properly. To make matters more confusing, sumo does actually often feel shitty off the floor but mostly because it’s a slow, controlled ease off the floor while sitting back and making sure your shoulders are behind the bar, compared to conventional being quite aggressive early on and not living or dying by whether or not your shoulders are behind the bar.

Geez, that got long. Sorry.

TL;DR before changing your DL style, make sure your technique is good. If it is and you’re still having issues, then try a different style. In relation to semi sumo specifically, I think it’s best left until you can pull conventional and sumo with decent technique. I say that because my experience of semi sumo is that it has more potential to get sloppy than conventional while still letting you move reasonable loads so just for safety you want to know you can do what is necessary before you start mucking around with that.


I enjoy them when my hips get a little sore. it gives the feel of sumo with out the hip pain lol. Make sure theres definitive difference in your programing though

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