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Anyone Use Squat Briefs w/ 5 3 1?


Hey Everyone,

Wanted to know if anyone out there has experience using squat briefs while doing 5 3 1. Louie Simmons recommends them to “keep your hips from getting beat up” but I wondering if they’re worth it for weekend warriors who don’t compete. If yes, is there a brand or style you’d recommend?




My two cents:

There are many ways to improve your lifting and keep your hips healthy. Mobility work and recovery are prioritized in 5/3/1, so your hips should be just fine on this program.

I don’t mean to be assuming, just wanting to cover all the bases, but if you are asking because there is a pre-existing injury, I would still avoid briefs. Buying them to feel better instantly would just cover up the injury, not treat it. You would have to address your muscular imbalance that causes it.

Final thoughts: Louie does a lot of box squats with an ultra-wide stance, which put a ton of pressure on the hips to do the work, but I am ultimately unfamiliar with his training philosophies outside of basic understanding.


No, no pre-existing injury was just curious about briefs for longevity/injury prevention.


And thank you for the reply


Why don’t you try neoprene compression shorts like some strongmen wear? That’d be between raw and briefs I think. The only brand I know is Harris Stability Systems out here in Australia.

Definitely do your mobility work though.


Unless you have a pre-existing hip problem or squat with an extra wide stance, there is no need for briefs. Strong hips/mobile hips are essential for sports and everyday life - so keep squatting, pulling and doing various mobility work. Remember that the latter need not be a 90 minute session, 18 times a week as many have advertised. 1-2, 10 minute sessions a day will do wonders - like anything in training, consistency and effort are key.


Agreed on the mobility work, I do it all the time.

Thanks for the responses guys!