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Anyone Use Spectracell?


I've been having mind-blowing success with Vitamin D and fish oil supplementation, so I'm thinking about having this done. Anyone have experience with it?


spectracell is good for 80% of the readings
Fat soluable are stored and vitamin D is what is left from 3-6 months so it can give false normal readings
Allows test vitamin D 25 oh and go by that not spectracell

More so from vitamin D not fish oils. People take too much fish oil can knock out a natural balance of EFA resulting in its own set of problems. I recommend doing nutra eval from genova more bang for your buck. If you need help interpreting it. I am one of the best in the field for doing that.


Great advice! I will check it out. The sample report looks intriguing.


Alot of people that come to me with alot of issues. I use this as way to know where to start backed by some clincal data. The nutra eval takes the guessing game out of things. I have people that have the test. Dr handed them results and had no clue on what to do with it. They gave me a copy looked over and told them their dr needs to be better educated since it was pointing to numerous factors that need to be further explored.