Anyone Use Scrotal Cream?

any one use it? I know the gold standard is shots. As a Registered Nurse i have no problems with injections if i can get a RX. But was curious if any one has hand any good or bad luck with scrotal cream

Actually I’m hearing lately that the scrotal cream is the new gold standard. I think Jay Cambell recently made the switch. Ask @enackers, I think he is using it through Dr Keith Nichols

Scrotal Cream is just another method of raising testosterone and more to the point DHT. However if SHBG is low you may run into problems because T will spike and drop too quickly leaving you stuck with all the estrogen excess and low T the majority of the time.

Injectable testosterone can give you steadier levels over a 24 hour period versus creams. Then there is the study below which shows increased lean body mass on injectable T versus tropicals. Creams may not be optimal if attempting to decrease extremely high SHBG. Another important fact is creams don’t spike T like injectables, both have their pros and cons.

Muscular responses to testosterone replacement vary by administration route: a systematic review and meta-analysis.


Intramuscular TRT is more effective than transdermal formulations at increasing LBM and improving muscle strength in middle-aged and older men, particularly in the lower extremities.

Yes the cream is great. Here are the benefits.

4x or 8x the absorption of gel because it’s being applied to scrotum. Can’t remember but it’s much higher.

It dries and absorbs quickly. You have to massage it into the skin but it’s not very visible after 5 mins.

Converts to dht at high rates . Great for male sex health.

The cream is aborbed directly and does not travel through the liver like injection. This causes less t to estrogen conversion. No potential sides from the esters some experience.

Levels peak after 2-4 hours and then dht 2 hours after t has peaked. This stays high normal for 12-14 hours and is still fairly high at 16 hours. This is why doc says take it twice a day.

This is much better than injections because you have to wait 6 weeks for the t to build up into the system. You can also modify dose on the fly. Don’t have to wait 6 weeks everytime. Any issues caused by dose can be fixed within days. More to it than I’ve written and you can probably guess the other benefits.

Also I think 75 to 85% absorption with cream vs injection being 100%. I think gel is 5-10%?

A few more but those are the best benefits.

Cheap as well. I’m paying 35$ for a months supply.


Incorrect I’m told The cream is preferred because it is much more stable than injections.

I heard you can’t have sex for 4 hours after application which could be a bit annoying if you’re applying twice a day.

Also how precise can you be with dose? like what is the jump in mg from one click to two clicks?

50mg a click. You can do 25 and I believe I heard someone say they had 12.5 as well. I have 50mg per click x3 am and pm.

The cream peaks levels at 2 hours from what I read. You can easily shower if the time arrives and or wait till after to take the cream. At night you can just take it before you sleep or after you have intercourse.

I haven’t noticed any decrease when I showered 2 hours after application.

I’ve thought about giving these creams a chance, still on the fence. Also I get ache real easy in the 600 ranges.

I actually think about guys like you (with high e2 issues) when i hear e2 is less of a problem with the cream. You might love it. Just try it out.

I took a blood test 2 hours after my application earlier this week. Well see what it did to my blood values and I’ll share. Next blood I’ll take it right before I apply for comparison.

They should be high since I do have the cypionate stored and have only 8 days since my last injection. I suspect I’ll have levels in the high 2s or so. Don’t really feel like it though.

I’m thinking about trying them too. I like the idea of not having to wait 6 weeks for half lives to build

It would be nice to see data on hematocrit versus injectables, I imagine since levels are rising and falling more than with injectables hematocrit would be lower. I must have some fluctuations in levels because as you may already know keeping levels too stable (daily injections) causes problems with my skin.

There talk about a microchip embedded in the skin that will last 4 months and be very steady release, it’s years away and will be the optimal choice for replacing testosterone.

Being able to make changes and feel the effects on the fly is temping instead of waiting 6 weeks!

I was reading about a nasal spray for delivery. I didn’t read more about it, but I saw an article on it. The chip sounds interesting. I guess the chip allows for dosage changes on the fly. Soon after there will be a guide on “how to hack your TrT chip for higher dosages “ haha… jail brake your trt …

Yes not waiting 6 weeks is huge for dialing it in. Ask dr SAYA I’m sure he can probably answer those questions. Hematocrit and shbg and such are very interesting questions. All I know is the doc switched all his clients and he says he noticed very few issues versus when he was giving injections.

When I google this cream I barely find any info. Looks like a fresh solution without much data.

Let me know what you find out.

is there a spefic brand of cream or local compound pharmacy


It’s not available in regular pharmacies?

data on hematocrit vs injectables exists, and supposedly the injectables cause a higher level of erythropoietic stimulation because of the supraphysiologic peaks associated with most of the trials (like 400mg e4w protocols used in the trials). Whether a protocol with injectables keeping levels stable would have a similar increased effect on stimulating RBC production compared to creams I don’t think so.

Are we talking about creams or gels? Androgel burns to rub it on the scrotal skin (as said skin is very sensitive, and the alcohol from the Androgel burns).

@enackers. Is it like this

Testosterone Cream | Empower Pharmacy | Compounding Pharmacy

That’s exactly it, however i’ve heard some compund pharmas suck and the cream is not consistent. One guy at excel male said he almost gave up and finally realized it wasnt the cream that was causing his issues, it was the quality of product. he found a good compund pharma and never looked back. Let me know when your ready and i can refer you to the pharmacy my doc uses. I belive they are third party verified and that ensures you get the right dosage with each click. Quest (i think is the name) is the other pharmacy he uses when this pharmacy cant ship to a state.

Creams not gels. Gels suck. creams are developed to apply to the scrotum and do not contain alcohol (as mentoined). gels cannot be applied to scrotum because they contain alcohol and it will burn / irritate a man to tears.

Couple of interesting Posts. This guy is on the cream and his RBC and HCT did not rise while having super high T and Free T.

"I do not rely on PSA at all for many reasons. I have no bloat ZERO acne and just all around feel great I have done trt in one fashion or another for over 20 years and this by far is the best delivery systems. I am telling you that many here have it wrong. When I was on injections they had me chasing E2, SHBG and thyroid. Now I am not worrying about that at all. On Doctor supervised Cypionate I was as high as this 1 or 2 times in my life and NEVER felt this good because they all had me in arimidex and crap seed oils. I can show you labs over the years and you would assume I felt OPTIMIZED on those protocols but that was as far from the truth as one could get. I always had issues and never felt great! I prefer to dose to symptoms elimination. I will lower my dose and see how I feel there, but for now I feel 100%. Hope that helps."_

A study Case Study: Absorption of Testosterone Cream via Scrotal Delivery | Excel Male TRT Forum