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Anyone Use Progesterone Directly With TRT? Maybe For Libido?

Still trying to nail down my libido issues. My Pregnenolone levels were way way low when tested and i am experimenting with supplementing it, as it converts into progesterone.

My Pregnenolone levels on TRT are 9 (22-237) ng/dl. So i’d say my progesterone levels are likely very low too.

I have read a great deal on progesterone. A lot of what i read is that low levels would cause low libido. However, i’ve also read that it decreases DHT. So i’m not sure what to think.

Just wondering if anyone has anything to add to using progesterone with their trt.

I know my wife uses it for 16 days a month (Day 12-28 of her cycle) and I’ll say that those are by far the happiest times in my house!

Thanks. The reading on it is actually fairly interesting. Apparently it helps combat estrogen.

I do know that when i take my pregnenolone, i feel a definite difference in my mood and calmness.

@bmbrady77 does it help her sex drive?

For sure. She is on HRT so she is pretty consistent anyway, but during that part of her cycle it is definitely an increased desire on her part. Much easier to be ready to go and she initiated way more, that sort of thing. I’d say that translates to a higher libido during that time.


I wonder if it’s worth trying some cream. Can’t hurt i suppose.

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Question if it’s not too personal…

You’ve had libido issues for a long time. Are you in a relationship (Long term GF, Wife??) or are you single and playing the field?

I’ve had a gf for about 3 years now. I see her once or twice during the week, and all weekend long, so there is sex going on. My issues long predate her though.

What’s lacking is the arousal. That feeling you get when you mess around… like the NEED to get laid. If that makes sense. I need a LOT of working up to get into it.

But pde5s work decent.

Have you guys talked about bringing it to the next level? Deep enough connection there to see yourself spending the rest of your life with her?

I am going somewhere with this line of questioning btw…lol

Well she has three kids and we live about an hour away but there is long-term plans for a little bit down the line.

I cant wait to see WHERE you are going with this, haha!

LOL… Alright we’ll go there…Sappy alert but bear with me…

To the point… it may be that what the libido aspect is actually missing is that DEEP connection. Think about this… If you had no significant other, and your sex life was solely made up of you watching porn and rubbing it out, then…eventually you kind of lose interest. You would still WANT to, but you’d find it harder and harder over time to keep the interest there, even though you watched a different porn flick every time (so you had variety there), it would still happen. Even though it’s a little different every time, it’s still the same because there is really no true meaning there. It just becomes an act.

I guess what I’m getting at is that, when you have that oneness, a feeling of, or rather a KNOWING of, the fact that this woman is who you want to be there when you are on your death bed, the person you can’t wait to see everyday when you get home from work, it changes things all the way around.

It’s possible that what you’re looking for is that connection…


I get what you’re saying. 100%. It’s just that it’s been going on since i was about 25. I’m 42 now.

I have had spurts of libido here and there, but can never really seem to figure out why or forecast when it will happen.

I’m just stating all this a theory mind you, but another question(s)…

From 25 - 42, have you ever had that connection? If so, did it coincide with those “spurts” of libido?

If not, did those bouts of libido coincide with meeting someone new?

No, the times i did feel libido were just a few years ago on TRT… 300mg every other week, and once when i started wellbutrin. And when i played around with buspar… So there is the idea that the lack of libido isn’t TRT related.

I’ve tried different dopamine agonists without much help too though.

Seems like there are a few guys who have this same issue. The attraction towards women is there… just my body’s response isn’t.



Sorry for going down the deep tunnel, but thought it was worth exploring just to have food for thought…

You could give the progesterone a try and see if that yields any results. Shouldn’t hurt, but just watch your E2 levels and don’t let them start getting too low…you know the drill there I think… I would monitor bloods every few months initially to make sure you’re not over/under doing it…

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I think libido is just as complex as happiness. It is driven by much more than one or two things. And once you reach a certain age its just as hard to get back as going back to the smooth and winklefree face of your teenage years.

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Makes sense mindphaser.

I just feel like there is something specific missing, and wondering if that super low pregnenolone amount has something to do with it.

I doubt most get their preg tested to compare.

It could be a factor. I feel when going on TRT you cut off a lot of the previous steps in process, so its definitely worth looking into.
I never got my pregnenolone tested but I am taking 30-100 mg sometimes. I feel that it improves my cognitive function.

There is no denying this. Always feel more awake and alert. More mentally clear.

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