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Anyone Use Pellets?

anyone use pellets for T? I talked to my dr and i don’t have a consistent effect, I inject and feel good for a day, maybe 2 tops, and instead of increasing amount of injections per week he thought maybe pellets would be better, give me a better and more consistent effect.

Seems like a good idea, seems like a slow release might be good, but in all the time i’ve been reading / posting about trt, haven’t heard of anyone talking about anything other than injections.

It sounds like your doctor is inept to manage your TRT treatment, how much and how often do you inject testosterone?

I inject 21mg every 2 days because on day 3 I feel different than I do on day 1 or day 2. Also note it takes 6 weeks to reach a stable state so one has to inject the same amount of T for that 6 weeks for levels to become stable. During this 6 week period you will feel bad on some days, good on others and by weeks 6 you will start feeling better.

A previous thread you stated you injected 50mg on Sunday and days later felt dead, that’s because it takes 6 weeks to reach a stable state and you had not given it enough time for your body to adjust. This is why it’s important to work with competent doctors, otherwise you may never right the ship.

Pellets are worse than any other form of TRT, you will see your levels high in the beginning and low before your next pellet insertion.

I’m not seeing any labs in any of your previous threads.

As long as you get the script inject on your own frequency. 2 x a week may be good. How much did he prescribe?

What have you been doing? Do you have any ongoing lab follow-ups? You were doing 75mg every other day at one time, correct?

Pellets are convenient in that once they are in, they’re in. But you cannot adjust dosing. I do know a few on pellets and their doctors do not even do follow-up labs. One woman has been on pellets for three years and has had no follow-up labs since starting and does not even see the doctor for new pellet insertion. They’re more expensive as well.

If you’re bent on something other than injections, I’d try a compounded cream applied to the scrotum first. That’s daily, even twice daily. Dose easily adjusted.

I’ve had them before. You realize they have to make a small incision to insert them, right? Takes a while to heal and you’re limited from exerting yourself while it does. Plus I’ve had a pellet come out. Not the best method IMO.

Consider changing your protocol or your Dr or both.

100mg once a week

i was only doing the 75mg eod for a week

I used them when I was first starting my TRT. The problem they presented for me was multi fold.
First was the issue of trying to dial in the correct dosage. My Dr. started me on a relatively low dose and once it became evident that I needed to increase my dose he wanted to wait until my next round of pellets were due before increasing my dose (as opposed to just giving me a little bump of injectable test) so that meant I had to wait ~ 3 months. I went through two rounds of sub optimal dosages before fining a dosage that was right for me, so about 6-7 months in total.
Second is the fact that each pellet insertion is a mini surgery that requires a certain amount of ‘away for the gym time’ which I found frustrating. If you don’t workout you may not have any issue here.
Third is the cost. Since you’re pellets require a brief surgical setup you can imagine the costs become quite high when compare to a bottle of Test Cyp and a few sryinges.
Lastly is the chance that you can extrude pellets ( my last round I actually extruded 3 of the 9 the Dr. inserted). So not only will you be missing some of your medication, you’ll get the joy of having bloody pants pockets.

Now where pellets really shine is their duration of release. They would be perfect for instances where you were travelling for an extended period of time where you weren’t comfortable in bringing your gear. Some folks are hesitant to enter into some countries with needles and I’ve heard that some places will give you trouble even when you have a RX for the items.

My suggestion would be to stick with injections at least until you know what your dosages need to be before switching to pellets if that’s what you choose to do.

I prefer injections.

It is time for the bastard child to jump in …

Yes, I am on pellets. Read my story here (if you get bored)