Anyone Use Ovaltine?

I searched ovaltine but couldnt find any responses.

I’ve been a long time lover of ovaltine especially when i was a little kid. Now since Ive learned a little bit of what good for my body i just kept Ovaltine mix post workout.

Does a anyone else use this chocolate powder mix pwo? The first 2 ingredients in it is sugar then malodextrin.

What are you guys views on this? Trash?
I know its not as prominent as Surge but let me know how it flows by y’all.

Obviously, its not as good as Surge. CM is considered the second best PWO shake around here, so I’d guess ovaltine in skim milk would be fine. Plus, ovaltine is the shit.

Chocolate milk is awesome.

Other than Frau Blucher? I didn’t know they still made this stuff.