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Anyone Use or Know About Testoviron?

I ordered test-e and got testoviron, which is sometimes test-e+test-prop. Wondering if anyone know if the stuff is straight test-e.

Of course I ordered from two sights expecting one to scam me and both came through, so now I have twice as much as I need. :stuck_out_tongue:

Using Prop+Eq… rocks


EDIT: what i mean is, is it legit? got the box?

I see it down in mexico its the same as testoprim

I was kind of sketchy on buying it though so I cant help much.
I heard it was painful and caused coughing fits alot.

Nich - that sounds more like injecting into a vessel to me…

It’s from MaxPro. Looks legit, as in solid hologram, label doesnt flake when I scratch it, ring is clamped on solid and doest rotate.

Not too concerned, using British Dragon prop, and loving it. But I wouldnt mind mixing some eth with it to keep levels more constant (injecting Su,M,W,F)

I all ways thought testoviron depot was the same thing as test cyp.

Big word being thought!

Testoviron is a test enanthate, propionate combo…Good stuff

Coughing has nothing to do with injecting into vein or artery. Somrthing known as “prop fever” takes place. The propinate ester is the fast acting test. Your body has to get used to it for awhile. Its an allergic reaction. Nothing to worry about really. The same thing happens with Sustanon or other blends containing the propinate. The only faster is the test suspension which is water based and comes on in a few hours and is usually injected daily or at least EOD.

It does sometimes… but i am sure in this case you are right.

What is it that causes the reaction in some… what is it about the ester that causes it?


Ill have to get back to you on that lol