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Anyone Use Nugenix Products?

Has anyone ever use the Nugenix products, pros and cons if you have?

Sorry, I have not used Nugenix products. So why post a reply? I always get suspicious when the package seems to good to be true. Their supplements are VERY expensive! Looking at the ingredients, I can honestly say that you’d be better off buying the ingredients separately from online vendors (for half the price or less).

I mean, come on, their testo booster is $69.99 for a months supply of:

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Citrullin malate

Depending on your vitamin + zinc levels you may notice a difference. Buy a multivitamin instead. Citrullin malate works, merely as a vasodilator (good for pump). Fenugreek seems to have some support, but I have yet to try it.
Please note that there is limited study evidence for Tribulus raising testosterone, and most supplements containing “Tribulus” is shite. When Tribulus works, it acts like a mild diuretic - meaning you will look a bit slimmer - temporarily. Few tribulus supplements work.

i always had good result with tribulus. Tribulus bring back testosterone to normal when your '‘Feel down’'or more tired. It is aphrotisiac too.

It won’t boost your test levels higher than your normal T levels. But it will keep you always in the high range of your levels

Some of the ingredients might make a small change. Probably not enough to improve your physique. If you have tons of money, give it a try.

I dont like mixed product. I prefer to only take tribulus alone in a good dose