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Anyone Use Nose Tork?


How long does a bottle of nose tork last? Does it stay strong for a decent amount of time? Is it worth getting or should I stick to good old capsules?


Tork lasts quite a long time if you keep the lid on it i've had mine for about a month


Yeah, most people seem to go through a bottle in about a month. So judge that depending on how often you restock on capsules/money involved.

$6 a month or ...?

Some weeks, I go through a whole package (of capsules) in a week, sometimes I don't use any... so I probably average $4 a month right now.


Hmm I think it lasts longer than a month. My bottle is still going strong and I think it's coming up on 3 months. I generally take several hits per week and sometimes lend it to others as well.

Definitely worth it, that stuff rocks.


That shit is awesome. I used it once and got a 30 lb. PR. Don't know what it was, but that was probably the biggest thing.



I had mine for a few months (didn't use it often at all though). It's life ended when I forgot to pick it up after my 3rd deadlift attempt and somebody stepped on it while breaking down the platform.


Reviving dead topic.

I bought my nose tork from lifting large in december. I've only used it twice (for PR attempts in the deadlift). I actually have 4 bottles, 3 unopened and 1 opened (used twice, leaked once when i was messing around with it to a friend lol). Anyway, how long can i keep the bottles for? Can they "expire" lol,


I find that it loses a little potency with use, but I think you'll know if it expired or not as soon as you open it up. If it feels like your brain is on fire, it's still good.


Am I the only one where that stuff just makes me feel lightheaded, naseated, and faint?


Gonna pick myself up a bottle. And use it after every rep lol


I like tork for training, since you can reuse it for a long time. Compared to going through capsules one at a time. You can kinda tell when it goes "bad". It feels different when it hits you if its no good, it makes you feel sick somewhat as opposed to being "woken up" But my bottles tend to leak quite a lot after a short while. Anyone else have this problem, or know how to fix it??


Squeeze it before you tighten the cap so that it pulls a vacuum. That helps some.