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Anyone Use Nolvadex on TRT for Teste Size?

Just wondering if anyone uses Nolvadex on TRT for testicular size? I know hCG is recommended, but I cannot continue to use it, it screws me over bad, my body does not like hCG

Nolva doesn’t work that way. It won’t help you with that while you are on exogynous test.

Embrace the marbles.

I can’t, mine will disappear inside my body and hurt. I’m going to have to take the plunge and I’m coming off TRT. It’s been 10 months. I look terrible, I feel shit, it’s not working out for me, HCG plays a big role in this, but without out, I can’t do TRT, so it’s just the way it is for me. I’ve thought long and hard about it. It’s not going to be easy. I start a new job in 2 days also. So it’s gunna be fucked. But I can’t continue on TRT.

I will miss, better sex, having more energy at times, feeling more manly I guess, but I’ll take my pre TRT life back. It seemed easier albeit less say fun or exciting and forfilling maybe, but I’ve got no choice, I can’t continue this way. Wish me luck lol

The reason I’m stopping is my mental health. It feels worse on TRT. I may just be a funny one who doesn’t like I guess substances controlling me, it’s hard to explain, but it’s like I’m constantly fighting/playing about it all in my mind, my hormones up down, how I feel etc etc, it’s shit. (mainly when est spikes from hCG.) but yeah I’m over it, so going to start a PCT in 2 weeks roughly.

If you look on my log, my initial thinking I was going to try a restart/PCT to begin with before TRT, to see how’d I re act as the reason I started TRT is because of AAS abuse in my teens. I’m. Now 30. So I decided I was gunna do TRT in the end, but it’s not working out. I’m hoping a restart, first time I’ve ever tried one, can either get me back to where I was before TRT, or eveh better as it’s never has one before. All this leydig cell stimuldtion I’ve been doing with hCG the past 10 months, may help then to produce more LH in the long run on there own, it may not, who knows, but it is possible. We all re act differently. I’m hoping for the best of course but will be satisfied with natural test levels pre TRT, say 6 months after PCT… I’m hoping they bounce back near enough after and then slowly get better as time goes on n then I guess I’ll see where they’re at. I’ll keep updated on my log.

One thing I can’t seem to comprehend with nolvadex. Can you fill me in. If you’re on a nolva dose for a restart/PCT. And Nolva essentially blocking the brains ability to feel oestrogen in the system. So it’s start produce LH, in turn test, which is great. But my Q is if its blocking the feeling of having oestrogen in the body. Does this mean you’ll “feel” as if you have no oestradiol flowing around? Is this the reason people get the PCT blues and not so much because T hasn’t arisen yet or am I not looking at this correctly? Cheers

Nolva blocks certain estrogen receptors in the body. For example in the breast and in the hypothalamus. This is what I can say.

About feeling bad - seems your protocol is not very good. Can yo desrcibe it?

Yeah thanks, so it only blocks it at the hypothalamus. So if oestradiol was too rise on a PCT from nolva, because of too much LH stimulation. You would still be able to “feel” these high E symptoms? Correct?

I’m not being rude, but there’s not much point in me laying out my whole story. I can already see where you’re going. My protocol the past few months has been 60mg of test e twice a week, hcg anywhere from 250iu - 500 twice a week. And anastrozole is hardly ever needed, maybe 0.1mg every week or 2.

I’ve decided to come off as TRT for me is more difficult then pre TRT life. Yeah it has alot of positives attributes to it, that I will miss but for me it’s not worth it. I need hcg for my testes on TRT and hcg effects me very negatively, it’s just the way it is for me, whether it’s a spike in oestrogen or not, nothing can be done to mitigate the negative effects hcg has on me. Thats just one reason. There are a few more, involving slight anxiousness from elevated DHEA, not feeling as if I can actually feel proper real happyness emotions whilst on test, and just not wanting to feel like I’m on something all time and having to constantly access n play out how my emotions are, because of my supplementation, for me it’s not working out. I dare say I have some awesome adrenal fatigue issues n slight thyroid issues if you view my log, but I think I’ll be OK, once I’m able to get off exogenous test, run a PCT, and hope I come back to baseline where I was before. TRT is as not as simple for everyone. Everyone responds/reacts differently. And it doesn’t work for all.

No. The PCT blues are going to be from two things. The first is low T, relatively speaking, especially after a cycle (Where your levels would have been very high), the second is the ratio of T to E2. Your body is trying to make E2 on a PCT, not testosterone, and it is making the test as a byproduct. Men make estrogen from test so your body produces more test to give you building materials.

Yeah I know what you’re saying. Thanks for clearing that up about still “feeling” estrogen whilst on nolva.