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Anyone use Matrix Equipment?


Anyone use Matrix Equipment?


My local gym has that, at $65.00 a year it is hard to beat and the lines are short. I'm just wondering how the equipment compares to other lines (and if I should drive further to other city recreation centers that have other equipment).

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm still making progress every workout, but I'm interested in quality now that I'm finally back into the program.


No I took the blue pill…


I would look very seriously for a place with a power cage, lots of Olympic plates and good bars that permits you to drop the weights to the floor from the snatch position in a big cloud of chalk dust.


For $65.00 a year?

Well, they do have a power cage, lots of Olympic plates but no place to drop for a lot of chalk dust.

For the chalk dust I have to pay $65.00 a month.

I’m starting to max out the machines. I’ve hit the max on five of them. I’m going to change up my routine when I’ve maxed out a couple three more, and I like how the squat rack isn’t used by people doing curls (though when I do squats, if I drop the bar it stops about 24" off the floor, so no cloud of chalk dust – it has a safety stop).

Anyway, I was wondering how the stuff compared to Nautilus or MedX, etc.

When I started, I could barely move forty pounds, so anything would do. But now that I’ve made some real progress, I’m thinking.