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Anyone Use MAT or AK (for NMS only)

Do any manual therapists on here use Muscle Activation Technique or the potentiation/MMT of AK? Not really interested in using AK for organic dysfunction or nutrition. Just NMS disorders.

I’ve used THT for SRS only tangentially with SSK and NDR. I’ve tryed MMS with TTI, but the BKD/AER didn’t really synch with the MMRD complex.

That sounds rough. I would get a second opinion…

MAT= Muscle Activation Technique
AK= Applied Kiniseology
NMS= neuromusculoskeletal

when you read and write this stuff all day, abbreviations become your best friend.

Regarding AK and MMT Not me, too nonspecific typically. If you have a “weak” muscle, it could be the nerve root, an entrapment, or any one of the muscles that support or stabilize in that motion in addition to any of the passive restraints (capsule, labrum, ligaments) that might not be doing their job and causing the body to be “weak” when in reality the body is guarding that motion. For that matter a muscle could test weak because of a fracture or instability in the bone, or in AK land, also organic dysfunction, so how do you connect that dot with the legitimate dysfunction?

I used to use Kendall & McCreary’s manual muscle testing fairly regularly, but in all honesty the time to information gained isn’t completely beneficial. I use it occasionally if signs, sx and presentation don’t correlate or I need an extra level of documentation.

Haven’t delved into MAT too much yet, just have a knowledge of what they’ve provided on the site, so I can’t really speak to that.

I’m not big on the AK stuff when I see it performed. But the idea of MMT on anyparticular muscle to see if that particular muscle is the weak link in the kinetic chain and then helping that one through reeducation and exercise intrigues me.

I watched a DC do a full day of MAT and it was interesting and his patients swore by it (although everyone’s patients swear by whatever).