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Anyone Use Lynx Grips?



Has anyone every tried these grips and any feedback if any. I have never used any gloves or grips before but i am staring to get some issues with callused ripping and xyema (bad spelling)

Thanks for your feedback


Haven't used them but I've heard good things about them give them a try.


I only use them when I forget my gloves. I still prefer gloves but Lynx is pretty good - non-slip and easy to wipe off after work outs.


The material is provides lots of grip. I like using them for pull ups.


if your callouses are ripping off bc theyre rough try shaving them down with a razor. little trick i learned while pole vaulting in hs


I've been using a pair for a while. I've mainly been using them more to thicken up the bar for certain movements and not so much as something to enhance my grip or prevent callus ripping.



I use them very often, have been for the past year and a bit. I still get calluses, but as for thickening the bar and some extra grip they are great.

If you are after extra grip though, use straps instead.


I love using them for back work. I get sick forearm pumps when I use them, especially on chins. I've tried them a bit on pressing movements, but don't like that quite at much, except for machine pressing.


thanks for the feeback, never thougtht of shaving down the calluses. like most, the added thickening of the bar helps as i got long fingers


Hey man:

I have these after Eric Cressey hyped them up in an article of his from way back - they really do their thing in terms of enhancing grip but honestly I have ditched them for now in favour of going back to just raw lifting with liquid chalk -

For true added bar thickness I go with my TylerGrips (I know, sound like an infomercial) but here you go - www.tylergrip.com - to see what I am talking about.

One caveat IMO is that they are awkward to use in terms of overhead lifting - such as shoulder presses, overhead squats, power cleans, etc. Other than that they are decent.

Lynxgrips shipped to Canada come under $30 or so from the official website IIRC. Prior to any "grip aids" I just stuck to chalk & those round jar opening pads you can get from your local Food Basics supermarket for like $3.00 a pair - they last a few months in the gym and those aren't bad either.

Try not to be the thick sponge guy :stuck_out_tongue: @ the gym


Oooohhh...I like those TylerGrips. I think I'm going to have to give those a shot.

I think I still have a pair of EZ-Grips lying around for thick bar training. I'll have to dust those off and put those back in my bag.


They are okay, but I have a feeling the TylerGrips are a lot better. Looks like I'll need to make another order on EliteFTS again soon.


Dark Lord of the Sith:

Get the TylerGrips, they are sweet & torch your forearms & brachialis hard...

I would ditch the EZ-grips, but then again it is personal preference - I have found that when you truly squeeze EZ grips HARD sometimes you disengage the lock mechanism. The ergo grip is great but the lock coming open during a lift is a real downer for me.


i got the lynx for like 7 bucks ats sport check. i saw them mentioned in the article as well.


I believe that's actually why I stopped using them. I got tired of them unlocking during a set. Plus, because of the ergonimic grip, sometimes you'd have difficulty getting in the right position if the ez-grip shifted at all.

I'm definitely ordering up a pair of the TylerGrips.


$7 bucks?! What?! On clearance or seomthing? That is a great price...


yeah i was suprised as well. i might pick up another cause of the price