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Anyone Use Longjack?

I’ve read a few articles on the stuff and it seems worth trying. It says 2 caps a day but doesn’t say when. With/wo food, am & pm, before/after a workout?Anyone with any info? Thanks

I have never used it but thought about using NOW’s TestoJack 100. It has an extract of Eurycoma longifolia, commonly known as Tongkat Ali or Long Jack.

The answer is yes. Biotest’s very own Alpha Male contains a potent dose and I use it regularly. I recommend it and also that you read the article on it in the T-store. It is very informative.


I just got a bottle of NOW’s Testojack 100 but it doesn’t have any other instructions other than 2 caps once or twice per day. I guess I’ll just follow the Alpha Male instructions for now. Thanks guys.

Have heard some reports of gyno if not cycled, and some people can not sleep if taken late in day.


Other natural testosterone boosters to consider age fadogia and divanil.

NOW does not have that much but at least in does have LJ100 in it. LJ100 is not cheap at higher doses and not easy to find a reliable source.

Below is info:

When should I take LJ100 and how much?

It is not necessary to eat before taking LJ100, as absorption is better on an empty stomach. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, you may prefer to take LJ100 with a meal.

Most bodybuilders will take around 200mg per day (assuming a 180-220lb person). It is safe to take up to 500mg. We have seen tapering improvement above 500mg/day, but recommend you take two days off from supplementation at these high levels, as you would with any quality herbal supplement.

LJ100 has also antihistaminic qualities to provide allergy support. You can take 50mg daily or every other day, as your body dictates.

How does it help my workout?

LJ100 is thermogenic and will aid increasing metabolism and decreasing body fat. LJ100 may also help maintain normal levels of cortisol (low) and testosterone (high) and thus promote an overall �??anabolic�?? hormonal state (versus a �??catabolic�?? state characterized by elevated cortisol and suppressed testosterone) during intense endurance exercise. As it has shown to be anabolic, it will improve strength during work out as well has help to build and bulk muscle. If you are a serious weight lifter, this is a great product for you.

Does LJ100 aromatize into estrogen?

No. It does not. This is because it affects testosterone production by affecting LH levels, not LHRH levels hormones that would affect the binding of progesterone onto receptors responsible for aromatase production. Aromatase is required for synthesis of testosterone into estrogen.

LJ100 very clearly increases Progesterone, DHEA, Androstenidione, and Testosterone. It does not increase the production of aromatase necessary for “aromatizing” to estrogen.

Is LJ100 safe?

LJ100 is very safe. It has passed both acute (shock test of 3000 times suggested dose) and chronic (90 days and maximum dose) testing. It is not a steroid. Rather, it works by affecting the Luteinizing Hormone. LJ100�?� is very specific in which hormone derivatives are affected. For example, you will see an increase in progesterone and testosterone, not 5a-dihydrotestosterone, which would cause aromatization to estrogen (i.e. breast development). You will also see an increase in free testosterone (FT) over bound testosterone (BT) and an unbinding of BT. This is important because BT is not bioavailable and in high levels can be co-causal to prostate cancer.

Is it OK to take LJ100 with other medications?

LJ100 has not been shown to interfere with the pharmacokinetics of any drug. Specifically, we have had test subjects take LJ100 with Psycotropics (name given to the class of drugs taken for Psychological therapy) with no sign or complaint of side effect.

Furthermore, LJ100 is not an MAO inhibitor. It works by increasing ATP, cGMP, and testosterone. While there may be secondary effects on PDE-5, this is not the primary action of the herb as with Yohimbe or Viagra. As a result, you will not get the side effects of racing heart, discoloration, etc.

Thanks ice…that’s exactly what i was searching for on the web. Much appreciated!