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Anyone Use Liver Tabs?


Just wondering if any of yous guise use liver tabs?

Additional aminos, heme iron, and B12 seem to be a solid deal. Any feed back?


What are you looking for the liver tabs to do for you?

I take those, B12 and iron, but I take them for anemia.

Are you asking if liver tabs are going to help you gain or retain muscle, or if you mean just for general nutrition?


Gain or retain muscle would be my main concern.


I thought some of the ol' boys from the original AD thread used them and thought they had a definite ergogenic/endurance. Disc Hoss, maybe Il Cazzo, but I don't remember exactly.


My sister is a figure competitor and she swears that liver tabs are what did it for her quads.


Universal Nuitrition sells them for about 10 bucks for 500 tabs.

They are an incredibly cheap source of protein. I know vince gironda swore by them. They are a handy on the go snack addition. Get another 3.5 grams of protein in. Do that a few times a day and it will add up to a bit of extra protein.

They do give you really bad gas for the first few days of taking them though. I mean clear the room righteous gas every 5 minutes so start with just 1-2 tabs at a time.


beverly international sells them too. 500 tabs in a bottle.
also whey/amino tabs
They recommend 4 of each with every meal (6 times a day)
I have had better results using Gironda's style of taking 3 every hour on the hour.
take 3 of each (liver and whey/amino)every hour total of 6 tabs an hour.
you will never be in negative nitrogen balance again.
also pretty convenient, just put them in a ziplock and keep it in your pocket, some in your car, etc. easier than a shaker and powder in bags.


Double check the grain size, the UN tabs I take now are 30 grain. The grain size when Gironda wrote that protocol were about 8-10


Amsterdam Animal loved them as well.

They're obviously no miracle supplement, but they seem like a good protein source at least. Also, for tablets they don't tend to leave a powder residue if you need to carry them around like many Amino tablets do.


I read in an issue of Milo that Bill Starr was/is a big fan of liver tablets. He suggested nondefatted tablets.


All you guys talking about how cheap they are as a protein source seem to forget that to actually consume any respectable amount of protein from liver tabs, you'd need to take a shitload of liver tabs.

Dessicated liver is a natural source of iron.* Supplementing with too much synthetic iron can result in an iron overdose. Overdosing with synthetic iron can result in death.*


It isn't an all or nothing proposition, you can supplement additional protein from shakes and tablets. Getting some extra protein in between meals just makes sense to me though. 15-30 grams seems respectable addition to a diet to me.


Liver tabs? Are we in the 50s?


Yeah, it's definitely somewhat old school, but there are plenty of BBers that used them in the 80's.

As one of the previous posters mentioned though, the potential for increased iron levels would make me hesitant to adopt the practice.


The liver tabs I take are only for cleansing the liver after a cycle of steroids. I only did one cycle fo steroids and will probably never do them again. A healty liver is more important especially when a person takes a lot of supplements already.


I have a bunch of liv.50 tabs and plan on taking them with my cycle.


thats a very good product and good idea.


What you are talking about is FOR liver health, liver tabs are not for your liver.


My bad there called Liv.52, and what are they for G wagon.


Google will tell you ;]