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Anyone Use Liquid Anastrozole from Research Labs?

I want to try adding an AI to my TRT - drs are reluctant to rx one - it’s like the don’t care if Testosterone metabolizes into estrogen - they are concerned with the T levels being in range . I am having symptoms of high estrogen - ( sensitive nipples , tiredness , ED ) I got my E2 levels being tested and waiting on results . If my dr will not rx AI , I considered buying from online research labs - I AM CONCERNED BECAUSE : the label says in big letters - not for use in Humans - and I do not know what is in the bottle - is it safe to ingest . Or other option is Internet order rx from India generic companies . Again I am concerned what is in pills .

To many threads not enough info

The research chems are fine…they put that wording on there to make it legal to sale. After all, you’re buying a “prescription” drug without a prescription.