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Anyone Use L-Arginine Powder?


Has anyone used this product? What do you think? I'm thinking of trying 10-20grams before I go to sleep each night.


You probably do not need that high of a dose.

I have not read any recent articles on dosing and cannot remember what I read in the past, but I have never done more than 500 mg - 1 g of L-argnine at night. It had some decent vasodilation effects (including promoting erections) but I would not say it really was worth it, though it is fairly cheap.


An article already exists on T-Nation that explains why arginine isn't worth it.



I was initially skeptical of arginine supplements to begin with. But I figured I would at least give them a try.

To test the pump enhancing effects this supposedly has, I decided to measure the pump in my arms after a workout with arginine, and one without.

I first measured how big a circumference increase I get from my arms without it and I ended up with a 1/2 inch increase. When I tried the same think a week later but this time with 2.5 grams of arginine AKG (this was more then the recommended dosage) the pump was the same 1/2 in increase, nothing changed.

I would recommend avoiding arginine supplements, simply because not only is your money best spent elsewhere, but really anything that claims to increase bloodflow might not really have all that big of an effective on gains.

The theory is that increased bloodflow results in more nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to be delivered in a shorter amount of time...........well, so what? They're going to get there anyway, so why bother? The benefits probably just aren't worth it anyway, and keep in mind, arginine in all it's various forms doesn't have a big effect on blood flow.

One last thing:


Thanks for the info Freedom, I must have missed this article back in the day.


Ugh, looks like the writers are contradicting each other.

This is is from the most recent article.
Studies using arginine in rodents and humans have demonstrated the potential of high dose arginine supplementation to increase collagen accumulation, reduce lean body mass loss, reduce nitrogen excretion, and accelerate wound healing. Human doses have been in the range of 15-30g per day with higher doses having the largest effect."


I take arginine, 4 grams a day in the morning, but advise AGAINST taking arginine right before going to bed. It will disturb your sleep. Instead, take L-Ornithine before bed. It will HELP your sleep.

But other than that precaution, do take Arginine. It will put some lead in your pencil :slightly_smiling:


LoL, I dare you...no, I double dare you to ingest 30g of arginine.

Go ahead.

Hope you have plenty of toilet paper handy.


This was in the context of injury repair. If the original poster is taking this due to an injury, it's not a bad idea.

If to just get hyoooge, then it's not likely going to offer much benefit if their diet is already squared away.


I noticed the boner bonus too but that is about it.


I think maybe perhaps citrulline would be a better way to go. It has been said to have greater affects then arginine itself at increasing NO, but I still feel skeptical of any NO2 product at this point.

Just buy a small sample of it and see if it does anything, I'm not sure. Have yet to test citrulline and as far as I know T-Nation has no article on this particular supp.


I was going for the growth hormone increase vs the NO increase.


On a side note, the powder tastes terrible..


Agreed. Also, it does very little for me. I feel a little more pumped with AAKG, but I'm going to try AEE and see what that does, if anything. I'm only trying this stuff because I can get it dirt cheap. There's no way I'd fork out for NO XPLODE or any of that shit.


What's the recommended dosage?


I'm only sixteen, so I don't know if maybe perhaps some of you could tolerate higher dosages, but I have a night time stack for increase GH and T levels as I sleep which may be what a few of you are looking for.

  1. ZMA-I take the GNC kind, since it has things that promote sleep, but to get a good deal on this brand, you have to use a gold card, and wait for their BOGO 50% off sales.

Biotest might be an easier alternative for some.

  1. Melatonin-The main touted effect for this supplement is that it acts as a sleep aid. This is a natural hormone that is produced in peak levels as you sleep. It also acts as an anti-oxidant, but as a plus gives a somewhat decent boost in GH levels while you sleep.

  2. AKG-Most of you know of this as the add on to arginine, but when used by itself it acts as a nitrogen transporter and helps to reduce ammonia levels in the body. It converts to both glutamic acid, and GABA. GABA helps you relax, and is known to increase GH levels.

Since all of you are likely over 18 to 21-ish then you may prefer to take pure GABA before bedtime, but I'm too afraid to mess with that until I feel I'm old enough....

  1. Ornithine-This is of course a known GH booster, but what I've noticed is that this seems to help me feel just a tad bit more energized the next morning. Not a whole lot but I saw a slight difference when I forgot to take it the previous night.

I only take maybe 1/2tsp (2.5 grams) of this before bed.

Well, there you have it, my bedtime GH/T level stack for bedtime. I take a lot more in than just this before bed but in terms of increasing GH this is all I think would be relevant.