Anyone Use Infrared Saunas?

I love saunas. And have been looking at them online. There’s a few venndors on ebay tha sell 1-3 person infrared saunas on ebay for under $1000. I’m curious to hear if anyone has used infrared saunas before and what was tour experiance like? They claim to have the same “detoxifying effects” as a normal sauna would. But then I’ve also read that they don’t.

Anyways… I used to use them before stretching. Would realy loosen them muscles up and relax me. And alllow me to go into a strecth deeper. Wonder if an infrared would do the same?

I thought it was to do with the steam.

We are possibly having one installed at the gym I work at.
I’m curious to try it.
I’ll get back to you on that…

Actually they do have a detoxifying effect. I read a study that used them on the workers from 9/11. Many of them were on as much as 15 different medications. Almost all of them were able to go down to one or two meds and some came down to 0.

$1000 does seem like very little for a suna that would be worth having, i.e. hot. I built my own 4.5 kW three seater and paid more, and I sourced everything as cheap as possible.