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Anyone Use Higher Percentages from 1st Book?

Has anyone exclusively used the more aggressive percentages that were in the 1st book?
IE week 1 5’s

I thought that was the normal 5s week percentages?

The top set is the same but they go in 10% jumps instead. 5’s week would be 65/75/85%.

I’m lost.

That’s pretty much how it all is these days. I haven’t heard of anyone doing the 5% jumps in a while.

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Shouldn’t really change anything if you’re including the necessary backoff work and or 5s PRO/PR sets. Some people like smaller jumps, others like bigger ones. On my deadlift days, I just do singles, doubles or triples up to my top set followed back offs. Just do what you need to and focus more on the top set and back off work.

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I haven’t done 5/3/1 in a while but I know it works beautifully. I was going on the basic 4 day split with more aggressive percentages from book one with FSL. Or use the SST from the 2nd edition