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Anyone Use Halting Deadlifts?

So I’ve never used the particular variation. It’s basically from what I’ve seen a good way to practice off the floor pull above or around your knees and end the lift. Has anyone here used these and what rep range load size is recommended? Also did you have any success with them? Did they strengthen the range of the lift you wanted? Thanks in advance guys.

Just to clarify, is this what you’re talking about?

Do you mean pulling from the floor up to your knees, and then putting the weight back down?

If yes, then yes I have used them. They are very good for training Sumo deadlift, I imagine less so for conventional, with off the floor typically being the hardest part of a sumo pull.

They were very effective at training me to maintain tightness in my core, and also very helpful in stopping me being pulled forward during the lift. Another common problem.


I have not but i do find the concept very interesting. I’ve used paused deadlifts which I think would accomplish the same objective and I have a love hate relationship with them since while they have had a great carryover to my normal deadlift, I find them dreadful to do. On the somewhat same topic I did see a YouTube video recently of people doing 10 second pauses which seems even more brutal. I apologize for being a bit off topic though lol

partial ROM, I think, is what you’re talking about. Yes, that’s a very useful technique. I’ve never done it the way you’re describing, but I’ve done partials by starting from a higher pick position and limiting the ROM that way in order to overload the movement, and I’ve done pauses at the knee with lighter weights as well. I’m not sure how I’d train the ROM you’re describing. I guess it would depend on what part of the ROM you’re weakest at, like if you fail at the knees, you’re weak off the ground, you have a weak lockout, etc.

Yes sir that’s what I’m referencing

Yeah that’s kinda what I’m after loading types. It’s basically a dead where you stop at knees and stop the lift basically practicing first 1/2 of the movement. I didn’t know if ppl program it more volume sets moderate weights or heavy 3s etc.

I typically would have it programmed for 3-5 sets of 2-3 reps at 70-80% of 1RM.

Yes sir I’ve done paused deads and they suck. I mean I don’t mind doing them if it’s what I need just wanting some variation and I’m weak off the floor.

Awesome thanks. I’ll play around in those ranges.

I have never tried them but this guy with an 800+ deadlift does them, there must be something to them - see 2nd video: